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The TransRace Empire, also known as the Empire, the Slave Empire, Peter's Empire or Tsar's Empire, was the government created by Peter Tsar, who as the Cruel Lord in disguise, to use it as a means to kick start the Third Multiverse War. It fragmented after Tsar's Death which became known as the TransRace Imperial Remnants and it's downfall marked the end of the Third War by the Multiversial Federation.

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For much of its' history, the TransRace Empire was a fascistic absolute monarchy headed by an autocratic and authoritarian Emperor. While it's general operation and governmental nature was synonymous with past fascist regimes, the TransRace Empire used rhetoric and terminology of communist regimes of old, with the government proclaiming that the Empire was created to ensure true equality across the Multiverse while in truth oppression of any being not tranized was very commonplace, often a result of pent-up rage and frustrations over their own mistreatment by the wider multiverse for numerous centuries.

However, many have noted the remarkable similarities between the TransRace Empire and the Galactic Empire of old, espesially in regards to how many parts of its' government seemed to be carbon copies of the old Axis member with only a handful of changes to the overall structure. Perhaps, the Cruel Lord had an ironic sense of humor when he designed the TransRace Empire in this manner or perhaps he knew just how likely this sort of system could break apart once he dies and thus chooses it. In a way, the Cruel Lord simply wanted misery to continue on even after his recent death

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