The TransRace Imperial Remnants was the remains of the TransRace Empire following the Third Multiverse War's end. It was then attacked by the Multiversial Federation in a conflict that came to be called the TransRace Imperial Remnant Wars and during the conflict, the Remnants became divided which caused a Civil War, by the end of both conflicts, the TransRace Imperial Remnant was dissolved and reunited with the Federation.

History[edit | edit source]

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Remnants are not a united group, with it being divided into two groups, the Sentinels and the Federated, however opportunist took advantage of the political division and the following civil war as well

List of Major Remnants[edit | edit source]

  • The Terra Nova Defense Fleet (Sentinels)
  • The Zeta Legion Fleet (Federated)
  • The Alpha Legion Fleet (Sentinels)
  • The 18th Imperial Attack Battalion (Federated)
  • The 31st Colonial Defense Fleet (Sentinels)
  • The Lambda Defense Fleet (Federated)

List of Influential Remnant Leaders[edit | edit source]

  • Admiral Hamlet Browning (Transhuman, Sentinels)
  • General Enule T'dani (Transasari, Federated)
  • Admiral Elsa Von Wolfgang (Transhuman, Sentinels)
  • Colonel Richard Danielson (Transhuman, Federated)
  • Major Haeno'Sosal vas Vifis (Transquarian, Sentinels)
  • Admiral Vladimer Goklosiky (Transhuman, Federated)

Federal Recognition[edit | edit source]

At first, the TransRace Imperial Remnants weren´t fully recognized by the Federation, but 1 month into the TransRace Imperial Remnant Wars, the Multiversial Federation started to recognize these remnants by the name "F.T.T.E." (Former Territories of the TransRace Empire), also they gave it a flag, once based largely off of the former TransRace Empire's flag. However, it's only a flag used by the Federation in offical Multiverse maps with the flag used for areas considered apart of the Federation's FTTE classification, the TransRace Imperial Remnants do not have an offical flag used by them, with them being split into the three factions, Sentinels using the former TransRace Empire's symbols, the Federated using Federation symbols or symbols used by TransRace Federalist and the various warlords using their own symbols for their personnal empires

Flag of The TransRace Imperial Remnants

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