TransRace Segregation, also called refereed to as the Rebellious Slaves Laws, was an 150 year-long separation enacted by the Multiversial Federation via popular vote following the end of the Third Multiverse War. Although not enacted right away, over the course fifty years, from 4752 to 4802, Anti-TransRace sentiment grew to such a size, that it was common to have reports of beatens, killings and lynching of TransRaces across the Federation. It gotten to the point that the Multiversial Federation voted to segregated TransRace from the rest of the general population in a combination of ending the violence and a surge of Anti-TransRace Politicians being elected into office by Anti-TransRace Populist rhetoric. from 4802 to 4952, the TransRace were separated from the rest of society via separate facilities, be their bars, restrooms, restaurants, hospitals, etc. Although described as 'Separate but Equal' it was anything but, with many making the rather disturbing connection of the TransRace Segregation with the Jim Crow Laws of the Southern United States on various Earths.

But eventually, the TransRace Segregation was ended over the course of a long, bitter and hard fight civil rights battle that eventually saw the overturning of TranRace Segregation laws completely by the Federation's Courts in 4952.

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