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what a early second gen Transhuman Combine looks like without the armor

Transhuman Combines were once a major group in the Imperial Combine Military. Some of the most well known Transhuman Combines were Alexi Scott, Lincoln Garcia, Adam Walker, Eve O'Sulliva Walker, High Imperial Guard Kronos o' Hades, and Koilkomo Hilokolo.




First Generation

The First Generation was a name given to the first Transhuman Combines that were created after the7 Hours War. These First Ones, as they became known by the Allies, were an experiment by the Empire of the Combine Race. It was their first attempt to make them the perfect soldiers but they still had human emotions and human independence. This made them "unfit" to be soldiers in the eyes of the Pure Combine Emperor.

However, it was this independence that saw these First Gen Trans being produced long after the Second Gen Trans were more commonplace, as First Gen Trans tend to have a more adaptive response to various situations then the more follow to the letter, and frankly robotic, response Second Gens tend to have.

Second Generation

later Second Gen Transhuman Combine Soldiers unmasked

The Second Generation was a replacement of the First Generation but "better" in the sense that they had no human emotion nor human independence. They therefore succeeded in making them the perfect soldiers because they did not question an order given to them nor did they try to become human again like the First Generation typically did. However, they often appeared and acted robotic in nature, rarely, if ever, give any kind of emotional reaction towards any situation other then a brief moment of fear or anger. They also had a unnervingly cold and unemotional way of communicating more befitting basic machines then organic, although heavily modified, soldiers which, over the course of the First War, became something of a symbol of the Combines' cruelty and unsettlingly efficiency at being able to strip beings of everything that makes them a person and a species and twisted into nothing more then glorified biorobots for their endless warmachine.

Rather then tortured into forgetting themselves like First Gens, Second Gens simply had their brains "reset" so to speak via a pulse of non lethal electricity to their brains, which in turn purges existing memories and anything else the person was before they were either captured or killed, and more then anything, effectively kills the person entirely as what made them who they were is gone through this process.

Aside from the psychological and mental differences between First and Second Gens, there is also physically differences as well. Simply put, while First Gens have their psychological sexuality somewhat changed by the process, they still retain their reproductive parts, Second Gens, don't. In fact, Second Gen Transhuman/race individuals often times have their reproductive organs surgically removed altogether and then sewn shut, effectively neutering them entirely.

Third Generation

Experimental Generations

The Hive Experiment

Fourth Generation

Factions apart of 


they rarely joins the Axis out of their own will, usually by force (all of which occur by the Combines). It's no wonder why they would defect to either the Alliance or the Coalition, but most, often defects to the Alliance though








The Appearance of a Transhuman Combine


First Generation

Typically, First Gen Transhumans were characterized as being either insane and or deranged, due to horrific experiments and tortures that the Combines had perform to them. Predictably has lead to some to develop a range of mentally unstable characteristics that ranged from sadistic to suicidal to cruel to violent or otherwise psychotic tendencies but most had symptoms on the PTSD range, however, those few that develop those psychotic tendencies tend to make most people terrified and ultimately not trust them.

Second Generation

More disturbingly, when not given a task, Second Gen Transhuman (or any other species) often cases simply stand in a single position, rarely moving, for hours on end, staring blankly at whatever is in front of them.

Third Generation

Fourth Generation

Other Known Transhuman Combines

First Generation

Ivan the Butcher - known for his cannibalism and his rapes and is the only Transhuman who does this

Buster Townsend-

Lena Fyodorov-

Fishel Berkovich-

Augustijn Romeijnsen-

Miia Heikki-

Second Generation

Third Generation

Fourth Generation

Experimential Generations

Friedrich Bosch-

Yeong Bosch-

Florencio Márquez-

Aikaterine Argyris-

Gamma- one of the many test subjects

Delta- one of the many test subjects

Epsilon- one of the many test subjects

Digamma- one of the many test subjects

Zeta- one of the many test subjects

Eta- one of the many test subjects

Theta- one of the many test subjects

Iota- one of the many test subjects

Kappa- one of the many test subjects

Lambda- one of the many test subjects

Mu- one of the many test subjects

Nu- one of the many test subjects

Xi- one of the many test subjects

Omicron- one of the many test subjects

Pi- one of the many test subjects

Koppa- one of the many test subjects

Rho- one of the many test subjects

Sigma- one of the many test subjects

Tau- one fo the many test subjects

Upsilon- one of the many test subjects

Phi- one of the many test subjects

Chi- one of the many test subjects

Psi- one of the many test subjects

Omega- one of the many test subjects

Sampi- one of the many test subjects