Advisor Ep2 model

a Combine Adivor or a Transrace Combine

The Transrace Combines are other species that were inslaved by the Combines after being conquered by them, some of the most well known species to become this were the Vimans (Advisors) who were the first species to be conquered by the Combines, the Folm (Dropships), The Dilomar (Striders and Hunters) and the Vinkal (Gunships)

the only speices to not become fully Transrace are the Humans , The Vortigaunt and the Orks as well as other much younger species to being enslaved by the Pure Combines

the most well known Transrace is an Adivsor, who is the leader of the Advisors, known as The Old One

another well known Transrace is another Adivor, who worked in Black Aperture Science Laboratories , he was known as Vu'ulthia by the Vortigaunt scientist who work at B.A.S.L

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