The Treaty of Utopia, also known as the Unification Treaty, is a treaty that officially formed the Multiversial Federation. It was signed on June 4th, 3642 N.E and was created for the propose for creating a Unified government for the Multiverse following the devastation of the Infection War and the near-collapse of nearly all other United Civilizations Governments and other independent Governments.

List of Signers Edit

The TransRace Republics Edit

  • Nico Aldenberg

The Empire of Combined Races Edit

  • Ciikizlini Eurrikjia

The Old Galactic Republic Edit

  • Bail Preston Organa

The Galactic Federation of Free Alliance Edit

  • Leia Organa Solo

The United Alliance of Orion Species Edit

  • James Cutter

The Cybertronian Empire Edit

  • Optimus Prime

The Irken Republic Edit

The Grand Terran Alliance Edit

  • Queen Aliana

The Tau'ri-Jaffa Alliance Edit

  • George Hammond

The United Systems of Earth Edit

  • Douglas MacArthur

The Interplanetary Strategic Alliance Edit

  • Jason Narville

The United Commonwealths of Worlds Edit

  • Mickey
  • Christopher Anderson

The Galactic Coalition of Species Edit

  • David Anderson

The United Federation of Planets Edit

  • Jonathan Archer

The United Federation of Species Edit

  • Ziuau'ujiknil Seer'ujikki

The Klingon Empire Edit

  • Chancellor Gorkon

The Romulan Star Empire Edit

  • Sela

The BrotherHood of NOD Edit

  • Kane

The Global Defence Initiative Edit

  • Evelyn Rios

The Imperium of Species Edit

  • Emperor of Mankind

The Cardassian Union Edit

  • Damar

The Twelve of Kobol Edit

  • Laura Roslin

The Terran Federal UnionEdit

  • Ludwig Giovanni Arland
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