Treuten Teradoc

Treuten Teradoc was an officer of the Axis Navy who established himself as an independent warlord during the breakup of the Galactic Empire after the Great Battle of Endor. After Emperor Palpatine's first death at Endor, the Empire became directionless, and with no orders coming from Coruscant Teradoc claimed dominion over the Greater Maldrood, a region of territory surrounding his headquarters on Centares and the Maldrood sector where he had been stationed. The Er'Kit native Teradoc secured a number of key resource worlds around his new kingdom, but his proximity to the breakaway empire of Grand Moff Zsinj brought him into a rivalry with his fellow warlord. Border skirmishes with Zsinj and checks on expansion by the Alliancec kept Teradoc occupied over the next several years, and the Allied's expansion into the Empire left the warlord isolated. For a brief time Teradoc provided assistance to the former steward of the Empire Ysanne Isard, following her downfall. Teradoc eventually combined his Mid Rim holdings with the Deep Core territory ruled by his brother Kosh into what they called the Federated Teradoc Union.

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