The turbolaser was the immensely scaled up version of the blaster and laser cannon. These weapons were generally mounted on rotating turrets, which were commonly installed in banks on capital ships, space stations and orbital facilities. Some immobile variants, like those housed within defense towers of the city of Iziz, were used on the ground. Agrocite, an extremely rare ore that was found only on Khorm and Simocadia, was known to greatly enhance a turbolaser's destructive power. Mirkanite was also used in the production of heavy turbolasers. Turbolasers are used by Alliance of Nations, Axis of Empires and the Coalition of Independent States

FeaturesEdit Edit

"We count 500 ships, Ciri, but they're so small they're evading our turbolasers."
―Lieutenant Hans von Kruge, during the Great Battle of Yavin[src]

The turbolaser was a heavy laser cannon equipped with large banks of capacitors, allowing them to build up and store far more powerful energy bursts than standard cannons. These capacitors gave huge energy bursts to the beam, greatly increasing its power over standard laser cannons. They also helped power the galven coils in the barrels of turbolasers. First, a particle beam was generated in the manner standard of blasters and laser cannons. Then even more power was achieved by guiding this laser cannon particle-beam through another stream of energized Tibanna Gas (besides the one used in generating the initial beam, since laser cannons work on the same principle as blasters) to increase its power. The extra capacitors in a turbolaser that store huge amounts of raw energy then contributed to the beam by energizing it even further as it moved to the turbolaser's barrel. The resulting beam carried roughly three or more times the energy of a standard laser cannon beam.

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