A type-2 phaser or phaser pistol is a typical hand-held directed-energy phaser weapon used by Alliance naval personnel (most notably the United Federation of Planets) during the Multiversal Timeline. More powerful and generally larger in size than the type 1 phaser, type 2 phasers were kept aboard Allied starships, starbases, space stations and at planetary facilities.

General specifications Edit

A descendant of the EM weapons and phase pistols of the Duyi'zu universe, the type 2 phaser was introduced before the mid-23rd century and was standard issue aboard Allied vessels. In the nearly two hundred years since their introduction to Allied personnel, several models and makes have been observed.

Utilized primarily in defensive situations, the phaser type-2 had several applications, from use as a weapon to use as a cutting tool, explosive device, or energy source. Storing considerable energy, most phasers were distinguished by a roughly pistol or gun-type configuration, firing a focused energy discharge in the form of a beam or steady stream.

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