USS Enterprise (NCC-1701), ENT

The USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) was a Federation Constitution-class heavy cruiser that was in service with Starfleet and later the Alliance in the First to Third Multiverse Wars. The vessel was commanded by seven captains, including Robert April, Christopher Pike, and the most famous of them all, James T. Kirk. When construction began on the Enterprise in 1356 N.E, the ship was designated NX-0002.

The Enterprise remained in service for forty years, engaging in numerous first contacts, military engagements, and time travel missions. She eventually gained everlasting fame during her five-year mission, under the command of Captain Kirk. Enterprise underwent a massive refit in 2005 N.E, and destroyed in 2026 N.E on the Mar Sara Crisis by Yelena Fedorova. The Enterprise would go on to become one of the most famous Federation starships inhistory; so famous in fact that when Destiny Ascension had been saved by Kirk and his crew in 2028 N.E, the Federation Council and President decided to thank them by recommissioning another Constitution-class starship, the USS Enterprise-A, and assigning them to it. The Enterprise would also be known as the Federation flagship through her service life.

1701 Refit

Enterprise as of 2005 N.E

Over the years, the Enterprise crew represented a wide diversity of races and cultures, including some non-humanoids and a variety of humanoid species, including Humans, Vulcans, Andorians, Tellarites, Lirin, Caitians, Betelgeusians, Kelyans, Zaranites, Saurians, Argelians, Rhaandarites, Sulamids, Triexians, Gallamites, Deltans, Tanians and even representatives of reclusive non-Duyi'zu species, such as Night Elves, Mon Calamari, Turians, Asari, Twi'leks, High Elves, Sebaceans, Jaffans, Rodians, Irkens and countless other species that joined the Alliance of Nations.

Early history Edit

In the early to mid-23rd century, at least twelve heavy cruiser-type starships, the Constitution-class, were commissioned by the Federation Starfleet. The vessel registered NCC-1701, which was constructed in San Francisco, was christened the Enterprise. Larry Marvick was stated to be one of the designers of the Enterprise, Dr. Richard Daystrom designed her computer systems, and Captain Robert April oversaw construction of her components, then commanded her during her trial runs and early missions. Sarah April served as the chief medical officer and designed several tools for the ship's sickbay.

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