USS Reliant

The USS Reliant (NCC-1864) was a Federation Miranda-class medium cruiser in service to Starfleet in the 23rd century. It became fell into the hand of Khan Noonien Singh in the Mar Sara Crisis

History and specifications Edit

The Reliant was originally built as a Anton-subclass research cruiser. On reference stardate 2/1410, the Reliant was ordered to the Morena shipyards for a refit to Mk IV Anton specifications. While the ship was being dismantled for the engine refit, Starfleet Command decided to mount a different engine configuration onto the Reliant than was included on other Mk IV's. Due to this change, several external design changes had to be made, and Starfleet decided to make the Reliant the prototype of a new subclass: the Reliant-subclass.

The Reliant was equipped with tractor beams, graviton anchors, and dynoscanners.

Helen Noel had transferred to the Reliant in the 2260's. By the late 2270s, the Reliant was under the command of Captain Clark Terrell. In 2281, the Reliant proceeded to the planet Halka after learning that they had been attacked by the Orions. Lt. Commander Pavel Chekov led a landing party to the surface and learned that a local boy named Lojur took up arms against the Orions, and was subsequently banned from his village by the Elders. Chekov took pity on the boy and beamed him aboard the Reliant.

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