Supersoldaten2 1946

Über-Soldaten, also known as Super Soldier and Super-soldaten, are enhanced human enemies created by Deathshead to counter similar Allied types (especially the Imperial Space Marines and the Tau XV8 Crisis Battlesuit). The Supersoldaten is a new breed of super soldiers engineered by General Deathshead himself. They are created from human subjects. After going through a chemical therapy, their bodies are surgically enhanced with steel and cybernetics and encased in bullet-proof armor. To purify the human subject's killer instinct, its brain is degenerated into a more primitive state, making them erratic and extremely violent. Despite their primitive killer instincts, these troops are shown to take orders without question by important axis officials such as Deathshead. Notably, the Supersoldaten is also created on the Moon and can be seen suspended unarmored and unconscious in tubes of yellow liquid. Their armor is generally more refined than that of their predecessors; instead of the mixture of flat, crudely machined plates of varying sizes assembled in an almost piecemeal fashion, the Supersoldaten armor is somewhat more rounded and curved, the components sized and shaped to provide a much greater level of coverage and visibly matching the underlying bodyparts while also sloped to effectively deflect projectiles, much like tanks and other armored fighting vehicles in both function and appearance. Armed with the laser firing, electrically operated MG-60, the Supersoldaten can be a challenging enemy due to the combination of their very high damage potential, high durability and excellent resilience regarding interrupts and stuns compared to other enemies. They have a high rate of fire so evading shots is difficult and there aren't many ways to deal damage to them without also being directly in their line of fire. The main issue is surviving their very high damage for long enough to kill them because their resistance to interrupts and stuns makes it very difficult to unload into them without taking fatal damage, as they simply won't stop firing even while taking extremely heavy hits.

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