Uiikizun, Kizzliziuk for 'The Forgotten', is the term used for the people born into the Empire of the Combine Race's system of chattel slavery. Made up of trillions of different species from all corners of the Multiverse, these people have long forgotten their species individual cultures and societies and have come to regard each other as members of one community rather than as members of various species, all because they all share the same background, being slaves of the massive, brutal, and cruel Empire of the Combine Race. The people of this group numbers into the hundreds of trillions, trillions, trillions, with all of them only being born with a series of numbers tattoos into their armies either by the Combines' government or their newfound owners, said tattoos have come to serve as a grim reminder of their past as a slave of the old ECR.  After their liberation, most have largely scattered themselves across the Alliance, yet all still stick together in a unified community.

Perhaps due to their enslave, the entire group speaks Kizzliziuk as their parent's tongue, with English serving as their only outsider language they collective knew well enough. In fact, most aspects of their society and culture are completely alien to their native species, but the only group they seem to get along with is the TransRace, but this likely due to their shared history with the ECR.

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