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"Take a wild guest! If you happen to see GAINT ROCKS FLOATING IN THE SKY! then we're not on your version of Earth!"

-Samuel Eastmen to the residents of Breach City when they first arrived at Uio'lok Earth.

Uio'lok Earth, also known as The Broken Earth, Shattered Earth and Corpse Earth, to the Axis and Group 935 as Testing Site 35 and Toter Welt (German for Dead World) respectively, was a version of Earth in the Ui’lok Universe was discovered and subjugated by the Axis into a testing ground for their research, turning it into a barren wasteland with pockets of native inhabitants that endured their tyranny for centuries built until it was nothing but reanimated creatures.


The Earth in the Ui’lok Universe that was discovered in 1627 of which was invaded and conquered by the Axis, made into a test site for labs 265, then turned over control and operations to the Group 935 in 1755 after the planet's destruction in 1675, however, the Axis purged Group 935 in 2106 but the planet wasn't banded until 2117. It remained undisturbed until 2176 when two explorers discovered the planet and became convenience of a godlike persistent on the world.

Within 2183, three wioni discovered the world and preeminently divided between themselves.

By the year 2187, the Explorers from their previous visit returned with a new found cult that lived on the world until it mysterious disappeared in 2400 after existed for over 200 years. Since then, the planet has long been abandoned and left to rot, a dead world filled with billions of E115 Zombies from the previous experiments.




Known Inhabitants[]