The Ultra-Light Assault Vehicle (ULAV) was a tiny landspeeder used early on in the years of the war. Sienar Fleet Systems' Ultra-Light Assault Vehicle was a compact, fast and agile repulsorlift assault vehicle.[2] Measuring seven meters in length, the ULAV was crewed by two; a driver, and a gunner.[4] To buy brand new, ULAVs cost between 20,000[1] and 50,000 credits;[3] used ULAVs traded for between 12,900[4] and 22,000 credits.[3] Despite being a small craft, the ULAV mounted an impressive weapons array. Forward mounted weapons were controlled by the driver, and included twin light laser cannons[2] or double light blaster cannons,[1] and a concussion grenade launcher[2] with a magazine of six grenades.

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