Umbaran NEGAS

Umbarans (Second Human Empire: Hamo Ui'llmar), culturally known as the Shadow People, resided on the dark world of Umbara deep within the Ghost Nebula. Umbarans could see in ultraviolet (below 300 nanometers) and had the ability to read, subtly influence, and sometimes control the will of others. Umbarans spoke the language Umbarese which was written using the Umbara alphabet. Umbarans were gaunt, frighteningly pale near-Humans with sunken eyes and cold calculating stares, due to the planet Umbara having an eternal twilight. Their eyes were well adjusted to the dark, but they were easily disoriented when exposed to bright sudden flashes of light. The Umbaran militia who took part in the battle of Umbara wore sealed helmets containing a potent gas mixture, used to keep the soldiers combat-ready. It increased their reflexes and made them more aggressive.

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