The Umbrites (Second Human Empire: Xiuyt'yui Siddi'niiki) come from the densely populated planet of Zhu-Zhu Hwai in the Triangulum Galaxy, where eight billion citizens live in elaborately constructed underground warrens ranging in population from hundreds to the 185 million who live in Plyx Gribnath, the Umbrite capital. Their governments are localized communes that cooperate and are very interconnected. Umbrites are robust bipeds averaging 1.6 to 2 meters tall, with blue skin, deep-set eyes and a set of powerful pincers on their faces. Descended from a species of subterranean tunnelers, Umbrites are impressively strong and well-adapted to low-light conditions. They are very muscular and strong, and tend not to speak very often. Because of their physical adaptations for strength and sociological characteristics of warren living, they are one of the few Commonwealth species that is ideally suited for space travel. The Umbrites joined the Axis of Empires.

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