The Undine Dromias Bio-Cruiser, also known as Undine Star Destroyer is an Undine-made Cruiser, although Axis sources classifies as a Star Destroyer. Undine Bioships are a complicated combination of organic tissue, engineered and grown for the specific purpose as serving as warships for the Undine fleet. The Dromias Bio-Cruiser has increased durability over it's smaller Nicor counterpount, without sacrificing much in the way of maneuverability or versatility.

Bearing a strong resemblance to the Nicor Bio-Warship and other Undine warships, the Dromias maintains a long, almost cylindrical central hull, capped at both ends by a claw-like arrangement of protrusions. Unlike the Nicor, the Dromias' protusions are both larger and more extensive, particularly at the rear of the vessel.

It has no visible bridge, windows, or portholes, seeing as these weaknesses in the superstructure would likely be breached by the intense pressure of Fluidic Space.

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