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The Union of Allied Planets or Universal Alliance or Anglo-Sino Alliance; is the central government and law-enforcement organization of the Verse. In its present form, it came about after the Central planets fought the Unification War against the Independent Planets that wanted to break away from Alliance jurisdiction. The war raged for nearly six years. However, by 1885 N.E the Alliance had prevailed, but when the Independent Planets joined the Axis of Empires as a puppet Confederacy of Independent Systems, the Union of Allied Planets joined the Alliance of Nations under the help of the Old Galactic Republic. Londinium is the formal seat of government, home to Parliament and the Prime Minister. While every planet (at least within the Core) is allowed to organize its own affairs on a planetary level, system-wide policy is set by the Parliament. The planet of Sihnon is home to the headquarters of the trade associations and guilds in the system. The most powerful of these have their academies here.