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Flag of the Union of Earth as of 2070

The Union of Earth, also known as the State of Earth and Government of Zol Earth, is the unified government created in 2011 NE just two years after Zol Earth came into contact with the rest of the Multiverse at large. The Union stays neutral thoughout the remainder of the First Multiverse War, that is, until The Day the Multiverse Burned, when it was invaded by the Combine-Chimera Alliance and was nearly conquered, but it was liberated by the Alliance of which they joined the Alliance and stays apart of it up until the formation of the Multiversial Federation where they then was annexed into it.

Union of Earth (English)

Union de la Terre (French)

地球聯盟 (Chinese)

اتحاد الأرض (Arabic)

Союз Земли (Russian)

Unión de la Tierra (Spanish)


"Nova Ad Novam Aetatem" (Latin: A New Order For A New Age)


"Gloria In Terra" (Latin: Glorious Earth)


New York City, Zol Earth

Largest Cities

New York City, London, Tokyo, Paris, Berlin, Moscow, Beijing and countless others

Official Language

None at Federal Level

National Languages

English, Spainish, Portuguese, Chinese, Hundi, Russian, French, Arabic, German, Japanese, Italian and countless others

Species groups

- 72.4% Human

- 15.2% Turian

- 5.7% Twi'lek

- 3.4% Quarian

- 3.3% Other


Zol Terran

Government and Legislative

UN Security Council-lead Oligarchic government (2011 to 2061) Federal Semi-Presidential Constitutional Republic (from 2061 to 3642)


-Upper House: Senate

-Lower House: Council


October 24th, 2011 NE

History Edit

Government Edit

Pre-Unification War Edit

when it first formed, the Union was in a state of limbo. Even though the Union was created in 2011, the planet's population couldn't decide on what form of government they should have. before 2061, the Union was controlled by the former UN Security Council, which controlled the Union indirectly up until 2026, when the Unification War started, it then controlled the Union more directly until it was disbanded in 2061 at the end of the Unification War.

Post-Unification War Edit

Following the end of the Unification War, the Union become a Federal Semi-Presidential Constitutional Republic in which it was divided into three branches of government that was very similar to the former United States system of government, the Assembly (Legislature, which is divided into two houses, the Senate (Upper House) and Council (Lower House)), the Office of the Presidency and Chancellery (Executive) and the Grand Courts (Judiciary).

List of Presidents of the Union of Earth Edit

N0 Name Gender Species Years in Office Political Party

List of Chancellors of the Union of Earth Edit

N0 Name Gender Species Years in Office Political Party

Society Edit

Culture Edit

List of Species in the Union of Earth Edit

  • Humans (natives)

List of Systems and Planets under Union of Earth Control Edit

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