The Union of Independent Republics or Independent Alliances, also called Seran Separatists was the main faction of the Coalition of Ordered Governments for many of their homeworld's natural resources in a series of wars known as the Pendulum Wars which ended before the start of the Seran-Locust War. Little information is known about the Union other than that several famous members of the UIR were from the Ostri Republic and Pelles. The UIR used a mix of tactics to fight the COG, ranging from sabotage attacks on Imulsion pipelines in Sarfuth, to a fully mechanized army that fought COG troops at Aspho Fields. The UIRs greatest achievement was the creation of the Hammer of Dawn technology, which Chairman Tomas Dalyell wanted to capture and use to end the war. The UIR (remnantss of it) joined the Axis of Empires under the Separatist act.

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