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The Union of Yuktobanian Republics, also known as Yuktobania, is the largest country of the Verusean continent and a superpower along with the Osean Federation. it was one of the Major forces for the Axis of Empires, it commonly fought Osea Federation, New Galactic Republic, Seran Human Alliance and the Cygnarian Kingdom during the multiverse war. Like in the U.S.S.R., the Yuktobanian military has a tremendous power upon the country (especially inside the Politburo). Since Yuktobania's official name is "Union of Yuktobanian Republics", it is likely that Yuktobania is actually several nations mashed together, Just like the USSR. They joined the Alliance of Nations after the Axis Civil War broke out and later helped the other communist nations to forged the Pact of Revolutionary Civilisations

Yuktobania was populated by the Yuktobanian people, a human race with generally pale skin. They spoke the Yuktobanian language, and later learned to speak Galactic Basic Standard. The main currency was the Yuktobanian ruble, while the main religion was the Yuktobanian Orthodox Church. The government was purely socialist, being headed by the Politburo and the Central Communist Committee. The overall head of state was the Premier. The Central Court was the main part of the judicial branch, though in reality, it held little power. The nation's capitol was the city of Moscograd.

It had an extensive military, composed of the ground forces, maritime navy, and air defence forces, and starfleet. It numbered in the billions, personnel wise, and fielded thousands of vehicles. The military was led by the general staff, high command of generals and admirals.

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