Flag of the United Combine Republics

Flag of the United Combine Republic

The United Combine Republic also referred to as the Combine Republic, the UCR and more demonized by the Sentinels as the False Government of the Allied Oppressors, is the government that was set up by the Alliance of Nations following the First Multiverse War's end, it was, however, dissolved by the end of the Combine Civil War and was replaced by the Grand Imperial Union of the Combine Race

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Officially, the United Combine Republic was a Federal Semi-Presidential Constitutional Republic, unofficially, the UCR was, in all cases and purposes was a Dictatorship by decree with it's first (and only president) being a Kilominitic woman named Viliuukiz Xilkillius who held no political affiliation whatsoever and only cared for power for herself and herself alone, in a manner similar to that of Putin's Russia and Saddam's Iraq. Yet at the same time, it had a strong Parliment which was divided into numerous political factions, all of which rarely agreed with each other and equally rarely held a majority leading to rarely anything to be passed. This environment of instability was justifiably meet with numerous attempt coups by both far-right and far-left political organization and numerous political assassinations of politicians and members of the UCR. In many ways, the UCR should have collapsed entirely within its first decade of existence, but the only reason why it managed to survive up to the Civil War in the first place was all due to the support of the Alliance. The Alliance, not wishing to see a resurrect Empire of the Combine Race, did everything in their power to support the UCR, no matter how increasingly more apparent it was that the UCR was falling apart, going so far as to support it in the Civil War that resulted in its defeat at the hands of Sentinal Front.

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