The Flag of the United Commonwealths of Worlds

The United Commonwealths of Worlds (Formally known as the United Republics of Worlds) and also known as the Union and the U.C.W was a Civilization that was formed in the Malica Universe in 1345 N.E (New Era) following the Worlds War, it was one of the major Civilizations in the First Multiverse War . It mainly fought against the Helghast Empire , the Empire of the Combine Race ,The Greater German Empire , and the Heartless Empire .

History[edit | edit source]

Formation[edit | edit source]

Prewar relations with the Heartless Empire[edit | edit source]

The War against the Heartless Empire[edit | edit source]

The Axis Invasion, and Heartless Empire joining the Axis[edit | edit source]

The Final days of the Malica War[edit | edit source]

The Destruction of Wonderland[edit | edit source]

The Civil War[edit | edit source]

The End of the First Multiverse War[edit | edit source]

Capital[edit | edit source]

Government[edit | edit source]

Officially, the Commonwealths is a Federal Semi-Presidental Constitutional Republic, with a separation of powers based on the executive (Chancellorship), the legislature (Assembly) and the judiciary (Grand Tribunal). While it does work as described, there are certain aspects of the government of the Commonwealths that often confuses people familiar with government types throughout the Multiverse, particularly those from the various Earths. Within the Commonwealths system of government, the Chancellor is the head of government and is directly elected by popular vote, while the Premier is the head of state and is elected by members of the Assembly via a national election. In short, an inverse of a typical parliamentarian republics throughout the Multiverse, as in that system, the head of state is elected by the people, but in effect, this person only represents the state and does not have any power to make decisions other than some kind of minor role. Meanwhile the head of government is elected by members of parliament who determine who is picked solely on how many seats a party coalition gained who then elects the leader of the party coalition as the head of government. Predictably, whenever an election comes around, most people pay more attention to the Chancellorship elections as that determines who will become the new head of government rather than an head of state like the legislative elections that not only determine which party coalition controls the most seats in the Assembly but also who will become the Premier.

The Commonwealths is a federation of various states and communities, a centralized government simply wouldn't work effectively for the vast array of differentiating cultures, societies, and species, thusly, the Commonwealths operates under a federal system, allowing the various worlds and groups to govern themselves far more effectively than a central government could ever do. But the one thing that the Commonwealths enforces in regards to government policy is a strict Republican policy in the local governments, meaning any former nobles can not have a title nor power that they once had. This isn't to say that the nobility is gone in the Commonwealths, far from it, they still exist but the title they still hold is meaningless with the lack of power behind them.

Political Parties[edit | edit source]

Former Political Parties[edit | edit source]

  • Fascist Party of Worlds
  • Communist Party of Worlds

Political Parties before the Infection War[edit | edit source]

Party Ideology Founded Percentage of the Assembly (pre-Infection War)
Republican Party Republicanism, Progressivism (early) Conservatism (late history) 1345 33%
Federalist Party Federalism, Progressivism, Social Democracy, 1775 35%

List of Prime Presidents (later Chancellors)[edit | edit source]

Term in office: 6 years

N0 Name Species Gender Political Party Terms and Years in Office Presidential Ministers (Premier)
1 Christopher Anderson Human Male None (First Term) Republican Party (Second Term) 1345 - 1357 Matías Goyo Travieso
2 1357 -1369
3 1369 - 1375
4 1375 - 1381
5 Christopher Anderson Human Male Republican Party 1381 - 1741
6 1741 - 1753
7 1753 - 1765
8 1765 - 1777
9 1777 - 1789
10 1789 - 1801
11 1801 - 1813
12 1813 - 1825
13 1825 - 1837
14 1837 - 1849
15 1849 - 1861
16 1861 - 1873
17 1873 - 1885
18 1885 - 1897
19 1897 - 1909
20 1909 - 1921
21 1921 - 1933
22 1933 - 1945
23 1945 - 1957
24 1957 - 1969
25 1969 - 1981
26 1981 - 1993
27 1993 - 2005
28 2005 - 2017
29 2017 - 2029
30 2029 - 2041

Society and Culture[edit | edit source]

Close Allies[edit | edit source]

Close Enemies[edit | edit source]

Species that populated the United Commonwealths[edit | edit source]

Proposed Flags[edit | edit source]

The first Proposed flag of the Union, proposed by Matías Goyo Travieso, the man who eventually became the Presidential Minister of the Union

many flags were proposed before the final was chosen, their are four proposed flags

the second proposed flag of the Union, Proposed by a woman named Jasmine Desjardins

the second proposed Flag of the Union, it was proposed by a man named Arseni Mihaylov

The Flag of the United Commonwealths of Worlds it is also the fourth proposed flag of the union, it was proposed by the man who would became the union's first Prime President, Christopher Anderson

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