United earth federation by drivanmoffitt-d3d56j0

The Flag of the United Earth Federation

 The United Earth Federation, later called the Grand Terran Empire, was a resistance movement in the Inio'zioni Universe that joined the Alliance of Nations, during the First Multiverse War, after the war, it became reorganizationed as the Grand Terran Empire were it left the Alliance and formed the Imperialist Alliance, it later started the Second Multiverse War where it collapse with the Death of their former President turned Emperor David M. Young



First Multiverse WarEdit

Post-War peaceEdit


Forming the Imperialist AllianceEdit

Second Multiverse WarEdit

Turning pointEdit

Death of Emperor David YoungEdit

Civil WarEdit


Politics and GovernmentEdit

Federation Period Edit

During the Time of the United Earth Federation, the Federation was a brutal totalitarian dictatorship that was controlled by a single political party that's called Higallut, both of which are controlled by David Young, the dictator of the United Earth Federation, the Federation, like many other totalitarian regimes, is brutal with freedom of speech and any other democractic viewpoints suppressed and killed any who disagrees or voice viewpoints against the Government

Empire Period Edit

After President Young declared the creation of the Grand Terran Empire, nothing really changed but only with a Emperor as the head of state.




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