The United Earth Federation are the "core human" faction, representing the natural technological evolution of modern human technology. The UEF seek to unify the once great Empire that is now splintered. They are in combat with the Cybran Nation and the Aeon Illuminate.UEF military is more conventional-styled than the others, relying on "classic" weaponry like battle tanks and projectile weapons such as bullets and explosives. The UEF rulers are expansive, aggressive, and authoritarian. They believe that this is necessary to ensure galactic order and the common good. They are attempting to rebuild the Empire that fell at the onset of the Infinite War, and with memory of such dark times still present all around them, UEF leaders can be driven to justify extreme measures. They joined the Alliance of Nations. It should not be confused with the one from the Inio'zioni universe (which is later the member of the Imperialist Alliance)

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