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United Systems of Earth (English)

Unidas Sistemas de la Tierra (Spanish)

Nações Sistemas da Terra (Portuguese)

地球聯合系統 (Chinese)

पृथ्वी के संयुक्त सिस्टम्स (Hindi)

Объединенные Системы Земли (Russian)

Unies systèmes de la Terre (French)

الولايات المتحدة أنظمة من الأرض (Arabic)

Großsystemeder Erde (German)

地球のユナイテッドシステムズ (Japanese)

United Sistemi di Terra (Italian)


"Quasi Multorum , Quasi Unus" (Latin: Though Many, United As One)


Anthem: "Terra Mater Nostra" (Latin: Earth Our Mother)


Washington, D.C., Pol Earth

Largest Cities

New York City, London, Tokyo, Paris, Berlin, Moscow, Beijing and countless others

Official Language

None at federal level

Natural Languages

English, Spainish, Portuguese, Chinese, Hundi, Russian, French, Arabic, German, Japanese, Italian and countless others

Species groups

87.9% Human

8.8% TransRace

3.3% other



Government and Legislature

Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic


-Upper House: Senate

-Lower House: House of States

Formation and Currency

July 6th, 2176 NE

United Systems Dollar (formally) Zollar

The United Systems of Earth, formally known as the United States of Earth, also known as the Union and the Federal Government of Pol Earth, is the unified government that governs Pol Earth and it's colonies. formed near the end of the First Multiverse War, it came to be after the Treaty of Denver where the United States of America officially annexed the various other allied nations and exiled governments on Pol Earth

History Edit

The united states of earth was formed after the first multiverse war by the united states and her allies by the treaty of Denver the united systems of earth beginning to rebuilt in pol earth however a crisis started between radical left and right groups however this quickly got stopped by united systems of earth and alliance.The USE was involved in the second multiverse war and the unity era and the united systems of earth joined the multiverse federation after the infection era.

Government Edit

the United Systems of Earth is a Federal Constitutional Republic and Representative Democracy that's divided into three branches of government, much like the old United States. the United Systems is government by three branches of government, the legislative (the Assembly which is divided into two houses, the house of states (lower house) and senate (upper house)), the judicial (the Supreme Courts) and executive (Office of the Presidency).

List of Presidents Edit

Name Gender Species Years in Office
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Male Human 2176 to 2376
sir winston churchill Male Human 2376 to 2400
Charles De Gaulle Male Human 2400 to 2416
Eleanor Roosevelt Female Human 2416 to 2432

Society Edit

Culture Edit

List of Species found in the United Systems Edit

List of Planets under it's control Edit

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