The United Technocracies of Man is a totalitarian oligarch state and one of the galaxy's superpowers. It is considered as the weakest superpower out of the three superpowers in the Sui'jubi Milky Way. It became a member of the Coalition of Independent States and later the Pact of Revolutionary Civilizations

Society and Ideology Edit

Presenting itself as an alternative to National Conservatism and Dijonist Communism, the totalitarian, hierarchical system of Oligarchal Technocracy focuses on the utter submission of the citizen to the “stereotype” of their designated caste and the obliteration of the individual. Blending the hierarchy of the right with the collectivism of the left, Oligarchal Technocracy views the existence of the concept of the individual as the cause of conflict, as the individual seeks to pursue his own good at the expense of the community. The Great War, the Collapse and every other ill were all blamed on the aspirations and ambitions of individuals. Therefore, if conflict is to be eliminated, the concept of the individual must be destroyed. It is only then when the people can work together for the collective good.

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