The Unstable Terrain Artillery Transport (UT-AT), also known as the "Trident," was a military transport and assault vehicle that served the Alliance of Nations when the use of walkers was unsuitable. Slow and vulnerable, the vehicle was adept at crossing bridges and traversing unstable terrain, but due to its elevated position it was constantly prone to enemy attack. Alternate configurations of the UT-AT were stocked with bridge laying equipment, converting the transport into an effective trail blazer.

The vehicle was developed by Kuat Drive Yards and Mekuun Corporation following a disastrous use of walkers on the agriworld of Agamar. Realizing that walkers were not the answer in such situations, the two companies developed a repulsorlift ski system, which involved a series of undulating panels that would adapt to different terrain. The vehicle was favored by Jedi General Ki-Adi-Mundi, and was used to great effect on Great Outer Rim Sieges on Filo.

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