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Uragaan is a Brute Wyvern that feed on ore, using their mighty jaws to crush bedrock to powder. They cleverly affix rocks and ore to their hides with lava, then cast them about, using vibrations to make them explode. When they fall, ore can be mined from their bodies.


Uragaan is covered in a lustrous gold-colored hide. Its back is lined with hard crystals and its chin is plated with a rock-like shell, suggesting the Uragaan has evolved a tough exterior due to life in volcanic regions. Its underbelly is covered in a sticky, tar-like substance which it uses to affix explosive rocks to itself.

Biological Adaptations[]

Uragaan create a very effective weapon in the form of its chin by melting minerals and attaching them with lava, which it can use for breaking up rocks. It can also defend itself well by releasing toxic, burning gases from the pores below its body. It is also capable of releasing a sleep-inducing gas from these pores. These gases are produced naturally as waste products, derived from the rocks they eat. The chin also evens its center of gravity so its legs can compensate for its heavy body. In a group of Uragaan, the one with the largest chin has the highest status among the group. It is also capable of 'shedding' rocks from its back and tail, these rocks are covered in oil and are prone to exploding under vibration. Uragaan has a very unusual trick for getting around quickly - it can roll up into a ball and roll around the smooth, dry expanses of the Volcano. The growths on their back stable this rolling ability.


Like other Brute Wyvern, Uragaan are fairly aggressive. Male Uragaan will occasionally fight.