• I live in austraila
  • I was born on April 27
  • I am male
Flag of the third concord by rvbomally-d5o9tqq

Univereses I considered and added Edit

  • the tails juncture (alternatehistorian)
  • rayman 2 and 3
  • zootopia AU (alternatehistorian)
  • Mario galaxy
  • starfox assault
  • pixar
  • the x-files
  • pacman series
  • metroid
  • united states of japan
  • 1983 doomsday
  • star wars the dying force(louisthefox)
  • galactic KND
  • animal wars (alternatehistroian)
  • skies of arcadia
  • uncharted
  • kirby
  • 2001 a space odyessy
  • red vs blue (roosterteeth)
  • rareware
  • legend of zelda
  • the hobbit
  • Hasbro cinematic universe(maxkid1030)
  • XCOM

Universes added (Created/Original Idea Universes) Edit

  • lylation NS (Nisl'sikol) (found in: Age of Ancients, 530 NE): is where corneria ruled by fascist monarchy lead by fox mccloud and his party
  • Kennedy war (Kaai'louki) (found in: First War, 1463 NE): the assassination of Kennedy cause a nuclear war
  • lego-megabloks war (Le'mei) (found in First Aftermath, 2390 NE via scientists who discover this mini-pocket universe by accident): a Inter-packet deminsional war that happen when both legos and mega bloks fight in a 100 year war
  • fantasy world: a bunch of planets ruled by kingdoms inspired by legend of zelda,,skyrim and the lord of the rings
  • Draconia a world run by humanoid dragons
  • shooting stars 1795 a earth that hit by meteoroids around the earth during the Victorian era and world powers are denmark,poilsh-lithuanainan commenwealth and empire of portugal
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