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So joined the group cause it always interested in the idea other dimensions and that in each dimension something different happened and the idea of crossovers. I have a basic idea of the things that I do as I participated in others Wiki Fandoms.

Universes added (Series)[]

  • Staa'epeth (Hellboy), Found in: Operation: Morning Star
  • Zuti'lo (Team Fortress 2), Found in: 1570, First Multiverse War
  • Prirotles (Mindustry)
  • Praophire (Minecraft)
  • Naorath (Guardians of the dimensions)
  • Saonkcea'aeus (Invincible), Found In: Multiverse Civil War
  • Viavi'mel (Fortnite), Found In: 2438, First Aftermath
  • Eonat'haer(She-ra: Original series) Found In: 2320, First Multiverse War
  • Droziap'iere (Cars/Planes), Found in: 2480, First Aftermath
  • Krioli'oroth (Thomas & Friends RWS/TVS series), Found in: 2450, First Aftermath
  • Ceariabi'ideele (Symbionic Titan), Found in: 2820, Second Multiverse War
  • Phacia'thaer (Get Ed), Found In: 2450, First Aftermath; scenario of the robot wars
  • Beta Cuy’ti (Call of duty: Modern Warfare 2019), Found in: 2419, First Aftermath.
  • Kui’ty (Call of Duty: Mobile), Found in: 2416, First Aftermath
  • Paoi'kuulnak (Chaotic), Found in: 2490, First Aftermath
  • Gaan'jilnok (SlugTerra), Found in: 2485, First Aftermath
  • Euai'lonk (Tron: Uprising), Found in: 2489, First Aftermath
  • Maeo'feekln (Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!), Found in: 2443, First Aftermath
  • Bieek'tolnik (W.I.T.C.H.), Found in: 2535, First Aftermath
  • Jucil'pefvn (A.T.O.M.), Found in: 2530, First Aftermath
  • Sui'guln (Combo Niños), Found in: 2513, First Aftermath
  • Elgh'fralok (Monster Buster Club), Found in: 2515, First Aftermath
  • Woluun'vesol (Ōban Star-Racers), Found in: 2410, First Aftermath
  • Wujil'veun (Team Galaxy), Found in: 2409, First Aftermath
  • Yuh'piu (Galactik Football), Found in: 2521, First Aftermath
  • Tovun'juilon (Monster Warriors), Found in: 2521, First Aftermath
  • Aooun'zooplin (Eon kid), Found in: 2520, First Aftermath
  • Rujil'veun (Totally Spies!), Found in: 2409, First Aftermath
  • Hueji'yuln (The Secret Show), Found in: 2412, First Aftermath
  • Xaan'kulnik (Tales of Feyron), Found in: 2450, First Aftermath
  • Glefiapia (Pixie Girl), Found in: 2449, First Aftermath
  • Hyyui'uiika (Miss Rose), Found in: 2448, First Aftermath
  • Nee'kaalnukl (Ghostforce), Found in: 2460, First Aftermath
  • Mi'deai (Mortal Machines), Found in: 2460, First Aftermath
  • Stribborynn (Percy Jackson), Found in: 2440, First Aftermath
  • Vriawoxus (Ready Player One), Found in: 2440, First Aftermath
  • Peuhi'jalai (Hero Factory), Found in: 2435, First Aftermath
  • Xee'kuyal (Generator Rex), Found in: 2435, First Aftermath
  • Cequi'xayyi (Hero: 108), Found in: 2435, First Aftermath
  • Loui'kannol (Gormiti: The lords of nature returns), Found in: 2475, First Aftermath
  • Zei'kaana (Genishin Impact), Found in: 2470, First Aftermath
  • Enok'seui (Honkai Impact), Found in: 2465, First Aftermath
  • Ocriodell (1984: George Orwell), Found in: 2384, First Aftermath
  • Waeqeathra (Escape from Tarkov), Found in: 2390, First Aftermath
  • Soui'hunjai (Sniper Fury), Found in: 2390, First Aftermath
  • Venno'maluni (Second Renaissance), Found in: 2416, First Aftermath
  • ??? (Soul Hunters), Found in:

Universes added (Created/Original Idea Universes)[]

  • Taee'kolnu (Different San Jacinto)- a universe in which the Texans lost it revolution and so Texas still is a part of Mexico alongside with the former Northern Territories of Mexico. Found in: 2430, First Aftermath
  • Slaenudell (1983: Doomsday) - Universe where a worldwide nuclear exchange caused by a minor incident obliterates much of human civilization, leaving only a few survivors. Found in: 2383, First Aftermath
  • Zoeno'tekal (Sino-Soviet War) - Found in: 2389, First Aftermath

Own Pages[]

Personal Project


I see you've added Jeff the killer, Freddy Kruger and Jason Voorhees, I would like to make a suggestion of the Alliance of nations setting up an investigation division made to Hunt these entities down and eliminate them like the BSAA from resident evil or First Encounter Assaults Recon from the Game Fear. User:Evolve 117 I mean its good someone has started adding the serial killers, Will Scream and Jigsaw also be a part of the wiki too?

R= Surely I will although as you might know, I have a personal life and I sometimes forget about it despite it being right there.

TFD: Most of the serial killers added to this are going to be the types that aren't supernatural in nature, although I do see the Alliance (and Coalition for that matter) creating organizations meant to deal with the various Berserker type Morts that exist, given their often violent and aggressive behavior. Although outside of their home universes I don't know how effective they could be, especially Kruger and Voorhees as they reside in universes that pretty much run on the b-level horror movie logic whereas most people outside of those settings won't act like the people in those films whatsoever.