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Great Multiverse Collage

I am providing the database of the Great Multiverse wiki, my goal on the Wiki is provide adding new content to this wiki since i worked in august 29, 2014 along with Doctor Ivan Moffit aka The Fare Doctor, GeneralHelghast aka Crimsonhammer43 and Hiddenlich. Also i am the admin of this wiki also.

Universes i considered and added: Edit

  • World War I (Fol) (including Red Dead Redemption and Battlefield 1) (Found in: First War, 1614)
  • World War II (Wolfenstein, Sniper Elite, WW2 Call of Duty, Medal of Honor (original WW2 series), Band of Brothers, Heroes and Generals, Men of War, The Pacific, R.U.S.E., Company of Heroes, Indiana Jones, War Thunder, Iron Sky, war of the worlds 1953 and harry turtledove worldwar) (Pol, also known as Alpha Pol Universe due to connections with Adolf Hitler ) (With style of DUST Tactics and Wolfenstein: The New Order) (Found in: First War, 1414)
  • Cold War (Wargame, World in Conflict, No One Lives Forever, Metal Gear Solid 3 and Peace Walker) (Dol) (Found in: 1600)
  • Modern World "Our Universe" (Zol) (Includes Battlefield Hardline, Payday: The Heist, Max Payne, Grand Theft Auto (at least the characters), Far Cry and countless others) (Found in: First War, 2009)
  • American Civil-War (Sol, also called Alpha Sol) (Found in: First War, 1574)
  • 19th Century Earth (Xol) (The Order 1886) (Found in: First War, 1581)
  • 18th Century Earth (Vol) (Found in: First War, 1586)
  • Middle Ages Earth (Aol) (Found in: First War, 1589)
  • Dark Ages Earth (Bol) (Found in: First War, 1591)
  • Renaissance Earth (Col) (including Soulcalibur) (Found in: First War, 1592)
  • Stone Age Earth (Eol) (includes Far Cry Primal and other games/shows/movies sent in this era) (Found in: First War, 1593)
  • Iron Age Earth (Nol) (Found in: First War, 1594)
  • Bronze Age Earth (Gol) (Found in: First War, 1594)
  • First Egyptian Kingdom Earth (Hol) (Found in: First War, 1596)
  • French and Indian War Earth (Iol) (Found in: First War, 1598)
  • Napoleonic Wars Earth (Jol) (Found in: First War, 1599)
  • Crusades Earth (Kol) (Found in: First War, 1602)
  • Roman Republic Earth (Lol) (Found in: First War, 1603)
  • Roman Empire Earth (Ool) (Found in: First War, 1603)
  • 1492 Earth (Mol) (Found in: First War, 1605)
  • Star Wars (Filo, Viau, Xilo, Biau, Zilo, Niau, Kilo, Riau and Yiau): (Wookiepedia) (Found in: various eras) (Filo and Viau: First War, 1414) (Xilo, Zilo, Niau, Kilo and Yiau: First War, 1853) (Biau, and Riau: 1854)
  • Star Wars Mirror Mirror by RvBOMally (Fiau) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2389)
  • Mass Effect (Ila'kani, (later Riz'ro), Kiz'ro, Tiz'ro and Piz'ro) (Found in: First War, 1425 (Riz'ro) First Aftermath 2393 (Kiz'ro and Tiz'ro), 100 (Piz'ro):
  • Star Trek (Duyi'zu, Guyi'zu (Alternate Reality) and Nuyi'zu (Mirror Universe):
  • Babylon 5 (Bab'lonin) (Found in: First War, 1452):
  • Warhammer 40K (Fop'lla) (Found in: First War, 1426) (discovered by the Combine long before the First War and had been raging a brutal campaign in the universe for over five thousand years by the time it was discovered by the wider multiverse):
  • Warhammer Fantasy Battles (Vop'lla) (Found in: First War, 1427):
  • Wildstar (Vuyi'uio) (Found in: First War, 1432):
  • Resident Evil (Xuy'ui) (Found in: First War, 1498):
  • Gears of War (Bouyi'uyy) (Found in: First War, 1429):
  • Freelancer (Fui'uiknij) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2406):
  • Act of War: Direct Action (Vil'oon) (Found in: First War, 1610) :
  • Harry Turtledove's Southern Victory series (Beta Sol) (First War: 1591)
  • World War Z (Novel, Qut'iji) (First Aftermath: 2406)
  • World War Z (Film, Rut'iji) (First Aftermath: 2416)
  • Dead Island (Bij'iji) (Found in: First War, 1598)
  • Dying Light (Wii'zunnkul) (Found in: First War, 1905)
  • Borderlands (Ruyti) (Found in: First War, 1441):
  • Command and Conquer: Red Alert (Gil, with lore from the RA3: Paradox mod), Tiberium (Gizzur), Generals (Goo'iiki, with fluff from Rise of the Reds) (Found in: First War, 1420 (Gil), 1421 (Gizzur), 1422 (Goo'iiki):
  • Andromeda (Vuytti) (Found in: First War, 1460):
  • Ace Combat: Strangereal (Liuo'opui), Joint Assault (Duri'euji) and Ace Combat Infinity (Hiuo'kuil) (Found in: First War, 1425 (Liuo'opui) 1426 (Duri'euji), 1427 (Hiuo'kuil):
  • Starship Troopers (Riuuliua) (Found in: First War, 1429):
  • Halo (Piala) (Found in: First War, 1419):
  • Galactic Civilizations (Zuit'uji) (Found in: First War, 1432):
  • Front Mission (Fuiini) (Found in: First War, 1433):
  • Dead Space (Fuyti) (Found in: First War, 1434):
  • GeneralHelghast's Killzone Spark Frenzy (Bi'tuio) (Found in: First War, 1420)
  • Masters of Orion (Cut'jini) (Found in: First War, 1421)
  • Kaiserreichverse (Beta Fol) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2409)
  • Drakaverse (Daai'viile) (Found in: First War, 1568)
  • Lionel23's Valkyrie War (Vai'hikki) (Found in: First War, 1685)
  • End of Nations (Egiu'neui) (Found in: First War, 1725):
  • Universe At War (Yuii'iooi) (Found in: First War, 1725):
  • The Last of Us (Lo'kini) (Found in: First War, 1753):
  • Supreme Commander (Qioo'lik) (Found in: First war, 1754):
  • Crysis (Zonikiji) (Found in: First War, 1458):
  • Overwatch (Contu'uji) (Found in: First War, 1614):
  • inFAMOUS (Gol'kkiler) (Found in: First War, 1428):
  • Sins of a Solar Empire (Fii'uiiki) (Found in: First War, 1899)
  • Mad Max (Disq'aukki) (Found in: First War, 1499)
  • Titanfall and Apex Legends (Zi'ooi) (Found in: First War, 1490)
  • Ys (Tizz'ooi) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2399)
  • Xenoblade Chronicles (Ceaa'konl) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2409)
  • SNEEDHAM507's Ignition Crisis (Loz'iki) (Found in: First War, 1515)
  • F.E.A.R (Ciyuu'uni) (Found in: First War, 1425):
  • Quake 2, 4 and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (Biiy'uuiko) (Found in: First War, 1467):
  • Sly Cooper (Ruinni'op) (Found in: First War, 1844):
  • Kingdom Hearts (Malica) (Found in: First War, 1420) (elements of nearly all Final Fantasy games, most animated Disney and Pixar movies and the majority of other Square Enix games):
  • Jak and Daxter (Xeniu) (Found in: First War, 1500):
  • Diablo (Lio'kini):
  • Planetside (Kio'ooki; elements of both games) (Found in: First War, 1622):
  • Battlefield 3 and 4 (Nooli) (Found in: First War, 1623) (Battlefield Hardline is part of the Zol Universe):
  • Evolve (Ziu'yyhuk):
  • RvBOMally's Ad Astra Per Aspera (Sui'jubi) (Found in: First War, 1429)
  • Doom (most notably Doom 3) (Di'ujik) (Found in: First War, 1449)
  • Doom (2016) (Ei'ujik) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2449)
  • Killjoys (Szi'kkil) (Found in: First War, 1679)
  • Battlefield: Bad Company Series (Vuyyi) (Found in: First War, 1435)
  • Grey Goo (Viuu'uuij) (Found in: First War, 1855)
  • Aion (Pii'euuji) (Found in: First War, 1625)
  • Astral Chain (Aoo'suuin) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2389)
  • The Expanse (Euuo'kilopa) (Found in: First War, 1558)
  • Dark Matter (Luyy'uiki) (Found in: First War, 1502)
  • Total Recall (1990) (Tiik'riik) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2394)
  • Defiance (Devi'uikni):
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra (Xuiz and Yuiz) (Found in: First War, 1514 (Xuiz) First Aftermath: 2414 (Yuiz):
  • Alien vs. Predator (Cuti'cinit) (Found in: First War, 1525):
  • Team Fortress 2 (Zuti'lo) (Found in: First War, 1570)
  • Mirror's Edge (Siz'ki) (Found in: First War, 1485)
  • Red Dwarf (Guoo'tuji) (Found in: First War, 1950)
  • Macross (Eii'kiool) (Found in: First War, 1799)
  • Tecmo's Deception (Pijj'uiki) (Found in: First War, 1825)
  • Appleseed (Siu'tyi) (Found in: First War, 1919)
  • Agarest War (Acvv'ujjil) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2395)
  • Watch Dogs (Wat'iuuk) (Found in: First War, 1410):
  • Assassin's Creed (Zat'iuuk) (Found in: First War, 1409)
  • Saints Row and Red Faction (Ri'tizol) (Found in: First War, 1485):
  • Starcraft (Demi'ini) (Found in: First War, 1415):
  • Fallout (Fialer) (Found in: First War, 1470):
  • Star Citizen (Coikloe) (Found in: First War, 1495):
  • EvE Online (Lo'opik) (Found in: First War, 1495):
  • Star Fox (Viyppi'hiji) (Found in: First War, 1505)
  • Destiny (Duiz'zui) (Found in: First War, 1510):
  • The Troop (Miu'tik) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2409)
  • X3: Terran Conflict (Ais'ksis) (Found in: First War, 1935)
  • Battleborn (Laik'suuhij) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2389)
  • Parasite Eve (Pila'ikil) (Found in: First War, 2038)
  • Death Stranding (Saa'kunji) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2418) (Technically a borderworld of the Plains of Rebirth but now is undergoing some kind of... something... that's slowly causing the world (and that universe as a whole) to be absorbed into the Plains of Rebirth, creating yet more questions about the bizarre and mysterious realm)
  • Megami Tensei: Shin Megami Tensei (Ma'takil) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2382), Persona (Ma'uhhi) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2381), Devil Summoner (Ma'suooio) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2385), Devil Survivor (Ma'quui) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2391), Digital Devil Saga (Ma'guuikl) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2393), Aya Nishitani's Digital Devil Story (Ma'ssio) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2397)
  • Time Crisis (Taai'wuui) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2399)
  • Love Live! School Idol Project (Cii'sukil) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2413)
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Poa'cuunzil) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2414)
  • Toradora! (Faicoln) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2407)
  • Re:ZERO (Saii'kuulo) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2413)
  • Konosuba (Bui'krul) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2415)
  • Rising of the Shield Hero (Sehi'coli) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2416)
  • Aldnoah.Zero (Maal'cooulm) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2418
  • Danganronpa (Dicu'euuki) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2410)
  • Train to Busan (Taai'ujiki) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2419)
  • Fire Emblem (Faai'eqquai) (Found in: First War, 1613)
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Universal Century (Maase'kusji), Cosmic Era (Maase'cusji), Anno Domini (Maase'ausji), After Colony (Maase'eusji) (Found in: First War, 1735 (Maase'kusji), 1736 (Maase'cusji) and First Aftermath, 2400 (Maase'ausji), 2401 (Maase'eusji)
  • Tales (Xiij'kikki) (Found in: First War, 1620)
  • The Handmaid's Tale (Tv Show) (Auoi'ikolin) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2398)
  • The Legend of Heroes - Trails Series (Looi'uuiki) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2405):
  • Horizon Zero Dawn (Hijik'luui) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2418)
  • Vindictus (Eutt'ikki) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2400)
  • Steven Universe (Xuuti'kjil) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2415)
  • Dawngate (Qujnni'ski) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2416):
  • Doctor Who (Doon'kin) (Found in: First War, 1600? (due to how damaged the universe's timeline is, its' difficult to calculate when the universe was brought into the wider Interuniversal War):
  • Deus Ex (Vooi'huu) (Found in: First War, 1748):
  • Dune (Tii'uui) (Found in: First War, 1585)
  • Game of Thrones (Ciyto'oouij) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2396)
  • Battlestar Galatica (Biu'liniu) (Found in: First War, 1456):
  • Guild Wars (Cioy'tti) (Found in: First War, 1458):
  • Firefly (Jui'uhi) (Found in: First War, 1499):
  • Robotech (Quni'zunqui) (Found in: First War, 1419)
  • The Terminator (Noi'ujik) (Found in: First War, 1421):
  • Invader Zim (Inio'zioni) (Found in: First War, 1446)
  • Wing Commander (Zitt'lino) (Found in: First War, 1418)
  • Revolution (Qiji'inoppl) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2407):
  • Half-Life (this includes Portal) (Golmar) (Found in: First War, 1350):
  • Killzone (Kui'uyi) (Found in: First War, 1415):
  • BattleTech (Ikiiu'uhi) (Found in: First War, 1534):
  • Legacy of a Thousand Suns (Zii'lii) (Found in: First War, 1540)
  • Freespace (Sutt'poj) (Found in: First War, 1585):
  • Warframe (Ziff'li) (Found in: First War, 1619):
  • TERA Online (Wuti'ghu) (Found in: First War, 2011):
  • Coraabia (Li'yuti) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2410):
  • Iron Kingdoms (Gi'ru) (Found in: First War, 2132):
  • ARMA (Eruit'tu) (Found in: First War, 1939)
  • Monster Hunter (Milsk'huikol) (Found in: First War, 1856)
  • Final Fantasy (Fuu'eeuilo) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2416) (the setting of Final Fantasy XV and the only one that's not apart of the Malica universe)
  • Metro Series (Di'llol) (Found in: First War, 1533):
  • Homeworld (Vuyt'tuik) (Found in: First War, 1585):
  • Binary Domain (Ai'iio) (Found in: First War, 2085)
  • Dirty Bomb (Diskil'iki) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2413)
  • Valkyria Chronicles (Vi'iikiye) (Found in: First War, 1435):
  • The Witcher (Ssil'jiiy) (Found in: First War, 1440):
  • Dropzone Commander (Zii'uyij) (Found in: First War, 2185)
  • Stargate (Eur'uui) (Found in: First War, 1460): and
  • Corvus Belli's Infinity (Uini'ini) (Found in: First War, 2266)
  • The Chronicles of Riddick (Lo'iiui) (Found in: First War, 1980)
  • Hyperdimension Neptunia (Huii'ooiki) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2414)
  • Falling Skies (Wiit'uti) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2409)
  • Malifaux (Aoi'uuri) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2409)
  • Planet of the Apes (Zi'ki) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2409)
  • Earth: Final Conflict (Nu'unni) (Found in: Second War, 2789):
  • The Thing (Xiu'ui) (Found in: First War, 1499)
  • Neverwinter (Kiyyu'euuj) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2408):
  • Lexx (Ui'eiij) (Found in: Combine Conquest, 50 Billion BNE)
  • God Eater (Sejij'kaauvj) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2409)
  • Metal Gear Solid (Liiu'hii) (Metal Gear Solid 3 and Peace Walker are now part of the Dol Universe, except Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain, due to the weaponry and vehicles are fictional) (Found in: First War, 1960):
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (Cuy'ti), Ghosts (Xuy'ti), Black Ops (Zuy'ti), Infinite Warfare (Ruy'ti) and Advanced Warfare (Vuy'ti) (The WW2 Call of Duty games are now part of the Pol Universe) (Found in: First War, 1423 (Cuy'ti), 1424 (Zuy'ti), 1425 (Xuy'ti), 1426 (Ruy'ti), 1427 (Vuy'ti):
  • Warcraft (Tiu'lo) (Found in: First War, 1429):
  • Resistance (Ruui'iio) (Found in: First War, 1390):
  • Tom Clancy (Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, Endwar, HAWX and Splinter Cell) (Poiu'ui) (Found in: First War, 1445)
  • Farscape (Fuii'zuni) (Found in: First War, 1442):
  • Ratchet and Clank (Zi'yuij) (Found in: First War, 1444):
  • Dishonored (Uiu'oppi) (Found in: First War, 1502)
  • Atelier (GUST) (Civv'hujikki) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2412)
  • ArcheAge (Aoop'yujo) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2413):
  • Pacific Rim (Ci'jillioo) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2414):
  • Everquest (Mink'ius) (Found in: First Aftermath, 2415):
  • League of Legends (Sizzx'ixi) (Found in: First War, 1675):
  • Looney Tunes (Aiu'tui and Eiu'tui), First Found: First War (1857) First Aftermath (2451)
  • Dragon Age (Ou'hjik) (Found in: First War, 1426):
  • Final Destination (Unknown, though closest information gathed points to a place somewhere in the Plans of Rebirth), found in: unknown

Universes added (Created/Original Idea Universes) Edit

Litio'sihu (Imperium War) (Found in: First War, 1950)- a universe that take place in alternate earth, as what if Canada became rise to communist power, Princess Celestia rule over eastern europe, Russia restored their former states after the Cold War and a virus that turned into Night Elves in southeast asia, the Species come from Warcraft, My Little Pony, Star Wars, Dragon Age, Star Trek and Warhammer 40k.

Mi'uli Universe (Found in: First Aftermath, 2384)- a universe in which Earth is dominated by an single Imperial nation

Gi'uulzo Universe (Found in: First Aftermath, 2385)- a universe in which Earth's moon is terraformed and the planets venus and mars are terraformed as well

Giau Universe- a universe in which take places after the Legacy era

Ciln'nili Universe (Found in: First Aftermath, 2390)- a universe in which the United States annexed China in the mid 19th century

Iailti'viuui Universe (Found in: First Aftermath, 2391)- a universe in which elves took over earth

Kuyi'zu Universe - a universe in which the Borg dominated the galaxy after they assimilated Earth (Seen in Star Trek: First Contact)

Modern Fantasy (Wu'mer), (Found in: First Aftermath, 2395) - a world in which a Fantasy lore meets modern day technology, based on a combination of Warcraft, Dragon Age, TERA Online, Metal Gear, ArcheAge, Iron Kingdoms, Star Trek (pre-first contact, 2063), Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Divergent, Tom Clancy Novels, Ace Combat Strangereal, RvBOMally's Warhammer 2K and CNC Generals

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