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Great Multiverse Collage

I am providing the database of the Great Multiverse wiki, my goal on the Wiki is provide adding new content to this wiki since i worked in august 29, 2014 along with Doctor Ivan Moffit aka The Fare Doctor, GeneralHelghast aka Crimsonhammer43 and Hiddenlich. Also i am the admin of this wiki also.

Universes i considered and added: Edit

Universes added (Created/Original Idea Universes) Edit

Litio'sihu (Imperium War) (Found in: First War, 1950)- a universe that take place in alternate earth, as what if Canada became rise to communist power, Princess Celestia rule over eastern europe, Russia restored their former states after the Cold War and a virus that turned into Night Elves in southeast asia, the Species come from Warcraft, My Little Pony, Star Wars, Dragon Age, Star Trek and Warhammer 40k.

Mi'uli Universe (Found in: First Aftermath, 2384)- a universe in which Earth is dominated by an single Imperial nation

Gi'uulzo Universe (Found in: First Aftermath, 2385)- a universe in which Earth's moon is terraformed and the planets venus and mars are terraformed as well

Giau Universe- a universe in which take places after the Legacy era

Ciln'nili Universe (Found in: First Aftermath, 2390)- a universe in which the United States annexed China in the mid 19th century

Iailti'viuui Universe (Found in: First Aftermath, 2391)- a universe in which elves took over earth

Kuyi'zu Universe - a universe in which the Borg dominated the galaxy after they assimilated Earth (Seen in Star Trek: First Contact)

Modern Fantasy (Wu'mer), (Found in: First Aftermath, 2395) - a world in which a Fantasy lore meets modern day technology, based on a combination of Warcraft, Dragon Age, TERA Online, Metal Gear, ArcheAge, Iron Kingdoms, Star Trek (pre-first contact, 2063), Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Divergent, Tom Clancy Novels, Ace Combat Strangereal, RvBOMally's Warhammer 2K and CNC Generals

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