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universe's i considered and added[]

  • the tails juncture(alternatehistorian)
  • zootopia AU (alternatehistorian)
  • super Mario
  • kirby
  • metroid
  • pikmin
  • lego dimensions
  • prince of pershia
  • rayman
  • 1983 doomsday
  • harry turtledove worldwar
  • red vs blue (rostertooth)
  • transformers war of cybertron
  • Hasbro cinematic universe (maxkid1030)
  • star wars the dying force (louisthefox)
  • beyond 1983 doomsday(louisthefox)
  • draka

original universe's[]

  • Kennedy war assassination of Kennedy cause ww3
  • lylat fascism fascist monarchy of corneria lead by fox mccloud and his party
  • fantasy system a bunch of planets that is similar to elder scrolls ,legend of zelda and the hobbit
  • EMP galaxy the entire milkey way galaxy electronics shut down and invaded by the race