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Universes Added (Series added)[]

  • Prototype (De'ijkki), Found in: First War (1455)
  • Old Cartoon Network Universe (Voi'liu), Found in: First War (1408)
  • New Cartoon Network Universe (Zoi'liu), found in: First Aftermath (2399)
  • Fusionfall (Viu'uik), found in: First Aftermath (2432)
  • Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi (Neei'siklu), found in: First Aftermath (2435) (discovered and invaded by the Hunter in 2434 and over the year before official discovery slaughtered most of the universe in a horrific war that span the entire universe)
  • Rise of the Guardians (Si'ku), Found in: First Aftermath (2412)
  • Fullmetal Alchemist (Ain'uikni), found in: First War (1417) (made into a neutrality zone, though it ended around 1425)
  • Smite (Eii'ujiki), found in: First War (1785)
  • Project X Zone (Ziuj'jjuik), found in: First War (1499) (made into a neutrality zone until 1945, excluding Resident Evil, Valkyria Chronicles and .Hack)
  • RWBY (Ruii'kyl), found in: First Aftermath (2413)
  • Street Fighter (Sool'fankul), found in: First Aftermath (2410)
  • BlazBlue (Baek'hilvk), found in: First Aftermath (2410)
  • The New Order: Last Days of Europe (Eaak'vokul), found in: First Aftermath (2405)
  • Nier Automata (Neei'touama), found in: First Aftermath (2395) (while it was discovered during the setting of Nier Automata, it also has the history of previous Nier games)
  • Aggressive Retsuko (Aeeui'runnugiki), found in: First Aftermath 2418)
  • Ouran Highschool Host Club (Vii'yuinij), found in: First Aftermath (2385)
  • ThunderCats (2011) (Siiu'juhi), found in: First Aftermath (2403)
  • Bleach (Duti'wuin), found in: First Aftermath (2415)
  • Five Nights at Freddy's (Unknown, though closest information gathed points to a place somewhere in the Plans of Rebirth), found in: unknown
  • League of Super Evil (Qi'uuiiki), found in: First Aftermath (2428)
  • Code Lyoko (Laee'tiifi), found in: First Aftermath (2406, the Alliance discovered the universe in secret decades before the official discovery was made public, largely due to being apart of a then-secret project that the Alliance government wanted to be kept a secret)
  • Storm Hawks (Zuui'uzil), found in: First Aftermath (2429)
  • Harry Potter (Tiu'linkui), found in: First Aftermath (2404)
  • Once Upon A Time (Qik'ziuji), found in: First Aftermath (2423)
  • American Mcgee's Alice series (Elli'cacin), found in: First War (1438)
  • Anime and Manga Universes (Various names), found in: various eras and years
  • Cartoon/Western Animation Universes (Various names), found in: various eras and years
  • My Name is Earl (Ihi'vuhui), found in: First Aftermath (2401)
  • Transformers (G1: Alpha Ai'vonik, G2: Beta Ai'vonik, Japanese G1: Delta Ai'vonik, Beast Wars: Bi'vonik, 3H Comic: Di'vonik, IDW Beastwars comic: Ei'vonik, Dreamwave: Fi'vonik, IDW: Gi'vonik, Robots in Disguise: Hi'vonik, Unicron Trilogy: Ii'vonik, Michael Bay Film Series: Ji'vonik, Animated: Ki'vonik, Shattered Glass: Li'vonik, Aligned: Oi'vonik, Travis Knight Film Series: Mi'vonik, Cyberverse: Ni'vonik, War for Cybertron Trilogy (Siege, Earthrise and Kingdom): Qi'vonik), Found in: various eras
  • SCP Foundation (Uti'lit) (First Aftermath, 2408)
  • Auxilia (Xui'juki), found in: First War (1459)
  • Chuck (Ioo'lhhij), found in: First Aftermath, (2407)
  • Inside Out (Ku'oluzi) First Aftermath, (2413)
  • Penn zero part time hero (Ko'iuuk) (First Aftermath, 2403)
  • Space Dandy (Kuli'zia) (First Aftermath, 2426)
  • Space Pirate Captain Harlock (2013) (Tui'ziul) (First War, 1450)
  • Space Pirate Captain Harlock (1978) (Fui'ziul) (First Aftermath, 2398)
  • Arcadia of My Youth (1982)  (Bui'ziul) (First Aftermath, 2409)
  • Galaxy Express 999 (Kui'ziik) (First Aftermath, 2401)
  • Maetel Legend (Uui'ziik) (First Aftermath, 2405)
  • Murder, She Wrote (Il'unni) (Age of Ancients, 999M.895K.022 BNE)
  • Scooby Doo (1969) (Ukki'izi) (First Aftermath 2406)
  • What's New Scooby Doo (Xkki'izi (First Aftermath, 2407)
  • Scooby Doo! Mystery incorporated (Zkki'izi) (First Aftermath, 2408)
  • Flintstones (Kuu'zuu) (First Aftermath, 2413)
  • Jetsons (Tuu'zuu) (First Aftermath, 2413)
  • National Teasure (Kuvi'voki) (First Aftermath, 2421)
  • Food Wars (Siiikvu'saavuuji) (First Aftermath, 2412)
  • Kung Fu Panda (Uee'ukki) (First Aftermath, 2411)
  • Aaahh!!!! Real Monsters (Fiu'liz) (First Aftermath, 2424)
  • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius (Kui'ruk) (First Aftermath, 2425)
  • The Angry Beavers (Fiku'ruz) (First Aftermath, 2426)
  • As Told by Ginger (Zikul'luki) (First Aftermath, 2427)
  • Back at the Barnyard (Uizrk'tuil) (First Aftermath, 2428)
  • Breadwinners (Viz'luiz) (First Aftermath, 2429)
  • CatDog (Nilk'kala) (First Aftermath, 2430)
  • Catscratch (Tuuz'golk) (First Aftermath, 2430)
  • Chalkzone (Lizz'lukei) (First Aftermath, 2430)
  • Danny Phantom (Koon'liz) (First War, 1732)
  • The Fairly Oddparents (Kom'kiz) (First Aftermath, 2400)
  • Fanboy and Chum Chum (Tiz'sa) (First Aftermath, 2400)
  • Harvey Beaks (Voel'neol) (First Aftermath, 2400)
  • Hey Arnold! (Mal'kral) (First Aftermath, 2400)
  • Action League Now (Ziu'nielo) (First Aftermath, 2400)
  • Kappa Mikey (Hikza'voldk) (First Aftermath, 2400)
  • Wakfu/Dofus (Sini'kamu) (First Aftermath, 2408)
  • The Loud House (Wi'zizki) (First Aftermath, 2400)
  • The Mighty B! (Ouzi'kulik) (First Aftermath, 2400)
  • My life as a Teenage Robot (Gee'lik) (First Aftermath, 2400)
  • Pelswick (Golu'nee) (First Aftermath, 2400)
  • To Love-Ru (Rui'jjin) (First Aftermath, 2416)
  • The Ren and Stimpy Show (Fikkz'zria) (First Aftermath, 2400)
  • Rocket Power (Grrin'seki) (First Aftermath, 2400)
  • Rocko's Modern Life (Tiz'looikzia) (First Aftermath, 2400)
  • Rugrats (Ulza'zalizk) (First Aftermath, 2400)
  • Spongebob Squarepants (Puli'lizk) (First Aftermath, 2400)
  • El Tigre (Eziz'ruulk) (First Aftermath, 2400)
  • Tuff Puppy (Uln'zirk) (First Aftermath, 2400)
  • The Wild Thornberrys (Ruuz'rlik) (First Aftermath, 2400)
  • School Rumble (Kou'rok) (First Aftermath, 2404)
  • Don't Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro! (Noiae'kalun) (First Aftermath, 2411)
  • Maid-sama (Euji'kiiva) (First Aftermath, 2410)
  • Dragon Ball Z (Tiuuliz'koolon) (First Aftermath, 2396)
  • King of the Hill (Kii'uny) (First Aftermath, 2402)
  • The Boondocks (Buu'lunnik) (First Aftermath, 2406)
  • Kill La Kill (Tun'lun) (First Aftermath, 2413)
  • Gate series (Eai'eei) (First Aftermath, 2409)
  • Summoning Japan (Rito'ghuo) (First Aftermath, 2414)
  • Rising Shield Hero (Zaat'uiiko) (First Aftermath, 2423)
  • Legend of Galactic Heroes (Wiiaz'rokik) (First Aftermath, 2405)
  • Magic The Gathering (Vyyi'juuio) (First Aftermath, 2425)
  • Eureka Seven (Eirii'saaijn) (First Aftermath, 2415)
  • Michiko and Hatchin (Hiz'rok) (First Aftermath, 2411)
  • Detriot: Become Human (Deei'tiiki) (First Aftermath, 2417)
  • Monster Prom (Puuea'ikuhhi) (First Aftermath, 2376)
  • Sword Art Online (Mil'rok) (First Aftermath, 2412)
  • Naruto (Uliz'roon) (First Aftermath, 2408)
  • One Piece (Volnk'zoeek) (First Aftermath, 2409)
  • Attack on Titan (Tiza'nako (First Aftermath, 2414)
  • Judge Dredd (combination of comics and recent live action film) (Deij'kail) (First War, 1506 NE)
  • Monster Musume (Raai'kilziu) (First Aftermath, 2413 NE)
  • Yu-ge-oh (Vo'mol) (First Aftermath, 2411)
  • Pokemon (Zo'mol) (First Aftermath, 2411)
  • Digimon (Io'mol) (First Aftermath, 2411)
  • The Karate Kid (Orginal) (Kon'mol) (First Aftermath, 2411)
  • The Karate Kid (2010) (Kun'lool) (First Aftermath, 2411)
  • Teen Titans (Tv Animation) (First Aftermath, 2413)
  • American Dad, Family Guy and the Cleveland Show (Ku'riji) (First Aftermath, 2415)
  • Marvel's Avengers Assemble (Koon'mal, along with Ultimate Spiderman: Web Warriors) (First Aftermath, 2410)
  • Karin (Vo'uvil) (First Aftermath, 2392)
  • Hellsing (Lu'ruz) (First Aftermath, 2393)
  • Vampire Knight (Kulr'zrki) (First Aftermath), 2424)
  • Rosario + Vampire (Mulr'kiza) (First Aftermath, 2395)
  • Recovery Of A MMO Junkie (Maz'aril) (First Aftermath, 2415)
  • Civilization: Beyond Earth (Aiz'ril) (First Aftermath, 2396)
  • Civilization (Biz'ril) (First Aftermath, 2396)
  • Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss (Haei'tuusik) (First Aftermath, 2419)
  • Helltaker (Ceei'linajik) (First Aftermath, 2420)
  • Scissor Seven (Daaco'olron) (First Aftermath, 2418)
  • Elder Scrolls (Koon'roul) (First War, 1450)
  • Lord of the Rings (Lo'vilz) (First Aftermath, 2397)
  • Interstellar (Inco'rik) (First Aftermath, 2398)
  • Edo Rocket (Hool'ron) (First Aftermath, 2399)
  • State of Decay (Do'lunu) (First Aftermath, 2400)
  • Adventure Time (Morl'rikk) (First Aftermath, 2401)
  • Clannad (Vo'linom) (First Aftermath, 2402)
  • Bakugon (Tizzo'zolun) (First Aftermath, 2402)
  • Code Geass (Ou'kizil) (First War, 1402)
  • Betrayal Knows My Name (Vin'kal) (First Aftermath, 2402)
  • Mai-HiME (Von'zal) (First Aftermath, 2402)
  • Durarara!! (Lon'liik) (First Aftermath, 2402)
  • .hack//Legend of the Twilight (Col'roo) (First Aftermath, 2402)
  • Monster (Anime) (Moo'rinik) (First Aftermath, 2402)
  • Oreimo (Voli'nilol) (First Aftermath, 2403)
  • Infinite Stratos (Kiz'ulik) (First Aftermath, 2404)
  • Servant X Service (Culik'milkrin) (First Aftermath, 2404)
  • A Cruel God Reigns (Uoo'lolik) (First Aftermath, 2406)
  • Highschool of the Death (Lo'vi) (First Aftermath, 2406)
  • Goblin Slayer (Giieo'komlna) (First Aftermath, 2420)
  • Mobile Suit Gundom (Nol'kialik) (First Aftermath, 2407)
  • DearS (Ziz'unnki) (First Aftermath, 2408)
  • Afro Samurai (Aill'nolk) (First Aftermath, 2409)
  • Ah! My Goddess (Komm'ilkne) (First Aftermath, 2410)
  • Samurai Chanbloo (Ziil'rokn) (First Aftermath, 2411)
  • Ghost in the Shell (Gil'rilk) (First Aftermath, 2412)
  • My Hero Academia (His'kilooi) (First Aftermath, 2406)
  • Little Witch Academia (Wis'kilooi) (Third Aftermath, 6025)
  • Phineas and Ferb and Milo Murphy's Law (Poi'linzin) (First Aftermath, 2413)
  • American Dragon: Jake Long, Kim Possible, The Proud Family, Fillmore, and Recess (Ariokol'kepl) (First Aftermath, 2406)
  • Amphibia (Uaakon'salku) (First Aftermath, 2418)
  • Big City Greens (Veen'kanik) (First Aftermath, 2418)
  • Gargoyles (Errkuln'sanme) (First Aftermath, 2399)
  • The Ghost and Molly McGee (Tewrek'saeeni) (First Aftermath, 2418)
  • Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil (Calkial'vanjuy) (First Aftermath, 2408)
  • Motorcity (Raonk'safik) (First Aftermath, 2412)
  • The Owl House (Naloo'uiilo) (First Aftermath, 2419)
  • The Replacements (Xaalnk'quiin) (First Aftermath, 2407)
  • Star vs. the Forces of Evil (Goeuk'xizk) (First Aftermath, 2414)
  • Wander over Yonder (Loen'julmak) (First Aftermath, 2415)
  • SWAT Kats (Reeo'kunlij) (First Aftermath, 2390)
  • Voltron: Defenders of the Universe (Alpha Vil'torno) (First Aftermath, 2384)
  • Voltron Force (Beta Vil'torno) (First Aftermath, 2411)
  • Voltron: Legendary Defender (Gamma Vil'torno) (First Aftermath, 2416)
  • Miraculous Ladybug (Mila'uloug) (First Aftermath, 2415)
  • Gravity Falls (Gopp'rin) (First Aftermath, 2414)
  • XCom series (Vive'kijiik) (First War, 1949)
  • Randy Cunningham, 9th Grand Ninja (Oli'liki) (First Aftermath, 2415)
  • G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero (Eeo'koip) (First Aftermath, 2416)
  • Cyberpunk: 2077 (Yoli'kolpik) (First Aftermath, 2417)
  • Syndicate (Dilun'unki) (First Aftermath, 2418)
  • Chappie (Hol'kol) (First Aftermath, 2419)
  • The Lazarus Effect (Leff'kolo) (First Aftermath, 2420)
  • Jupiter Ascending (Jul'kool) (First Aftermath, 2421)
  • Strangerland (Aonlin'koluk) (First Aftermath, 2422)
  • The Outer Worlds (Oeekal'valkiln) (First War, 1570)
  • Despicable Me (Sii'liook) (First Aftermath, 2423)
  • Maggie (Go'loik) (First Aftermath, 2424)
  • Ex Machina (Colol'lonc) (First Aftermath, 2425)
  • Outsider (Web Comic) (Daazki'lujjk) (First Aftermath, 2406)
  • Extinction (Zombie Film) (Xolik'zonlin) (First Aftermath, 2426)
  • Kingsmen: The Secret Service (Komol'kolun) (First Aftermath, 2427)
  • The Day After Tomorrow (Dizrikil'molnol) (First Aftermath, 2428)
  • Brink (Video game) (Molinsul'kizzikra) (First Aftermath, 2429)
  • Elfen Lied (Sioo'zuuhi) (First Aftermath, 2412)
  • Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions (Siiza'kuuzinma) (First Aftermath, 2414)
  • One Punch Man (Oaa'kalni) (First Aftermath, 2410)
  • Dragon Prince (Duun'zuun) (First Aftermath, 2416)
  • Unhallowed Metropolis (Maek'unoli) (First Aftermath, 2455)
  • Divinity: Dragon Commander (Di'uuhi) (First War, 1452)
  • The Secret World (Soui'guklo) (First Aftermath, 2400)
  • Undertale (Uoe'wujik) (Third Aftermath: 9940) (it was created by the Hunter and used by it for it's own amusement, torturing it's inhabitants for billions of cycles, resurrecting them only to torment, torture and kill them again and again and again, up until 9940 when the Mother and the Father finally stop it from continuing it's sadistic torture of this universe's inhabitants)
  • Zootopia (Zoa'riktoik) (First Aftermath, 2416)
  • Beastars (Besr'tikuuik) (First Aftermath, 2417)
  • BNA: Brand New Animal (Baae'keeuilzi) (First Aftermath, 2422) (it was actually discovered in 2420 by a Combine Remnant group who conquered it and occupied it for two years before Allied forces discovered it in 2422)
  • The Batman (Bas'uiki) (First Aftermath, 2407)
  • USA Original (Ui'wwiooi) (First Aftermath, 2403)
  • Quantum Leap (Quik'looik) (First War, 1392)
  • Sliders (Sial'lidik) (First War, 1395)
  • The Stanley Parable (unknown, located in the Plains of Rebirth) (First Aftermath, 2378)
  • KonoSuba (Zoln'colmimek) (First Aftermath, 2416)
  • I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level (Quem'kolcon) (First Aftermath, 2416)
  • Osamake (Neirl'kolum) (First Aftermath, 2419)
  • Odd Taxi (Rumil'yuiln) (First Aftermath, 2421)

Universes added (Created/Original Idea Universes)[]

Aitio'sihu (Disunity)- a universe that's site nearly 4000 years in our future (8950s), humanity and other species have traveled across the Galaxy but are just as equally divided between many Planetary Nationstates, the Species come from Mass Effect, Invader Zim, Star Wars and Star Trek

Ti'uli Universe- a universe in which humans do not communicate with spoken words but with gestures, body language, and written words

Zuu'kiz Universe- a universe in which Humanity is the land versions of seahorses namely it's the males who give birth to the young, after mating with females of choose

Ziau Universe- a universe in which a deranged Imperial managed to convince Emperor Palpatine to build forty death stars and put them under his command to deal with the Rebel Alliance, but this Imperial used it to destroy the known galaxy's planets, killing trillions upon trillions upon trillions of beings before he was finally stopped, but with whatever left of the galaxy confined to space stations and massive fleets of refugees.

Ki'uulzo Universe- a universe in which Earth's moon is shattered and the planets Venus and Mars are shattered as well

Hi'zuilo Universe- a universe in which Rome never fell

Is'lisi Universe- a universe in which Islam was never founded, the Byzantine Empire lasted until the mid-19th century and the Roman Catholics and the Orthodoxs fought a massive series of Holy Wars against each other

Ciln'nili Universe- a universe in which the Chinese discovered and colonized the Americas

Mailti'viuui Universe- a universe in which matriarchal societies are the norm and patriarchal societies are a rarity

Beta Pol Universe- a universe that's connected to Alpha Pol Universe because of it's connection to one key individual named Adolf Hitler, in this universe, France have dominated and or conquered Europe and still ruled by Napoleon's family, the United States has long since annexed the Americas, Oceania, and southern Africa, Adolf Hitler in this universe, his father was far more caring to him then he is in Alpha Pol Universe and became one of the leaders in a European Democratic Revolution.

Gamma Pol Universe- a universe that's connected to Alpha Pol Universe because of it's connection to one key individual named Adolf Hitler, in this universe, Adolf Hitler was befriended by American of Jewish faith and become a father figure to him, Hitler eventually left to America and become a famous Artist and Writer who pushed for equality for all and eventually become involved in the American Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s

Qol Universe- endless Holy Wars earth

Rol Universe- 31st century Earth

Tol Universe- World War V Earth

Uol Universe- Interplanetary War III Earth

Beta Zol Earth, (Found in: First War, 2012)- a universe that's connected to Alpha Zol Universe, its' a universe in which much of history, society and culture is centered on Africa rather than Europe, with Africa being the developed, largely democratic and stable region of the world while Europe is a continent plagued with instability and conflict, along with the ramifications of being colonized by the industrialized African nations, this in turn leads to racial issues being flipped, with paler skinned Europeans being persecuted, conquered and enslaved by the darker-skinned Africans; however, the United States of America still exist but with its' culture and society is more African dominated rather than European dominated

Gamma Zol Earth (Found in: First War, 2012)- a universe that's connected to Alpha Zol Universe, its' a universe in which homosexuality and bisexuality is the norm of Humanity rather than heterosexuality, with the percentages of gay/bi being 90% of the population and Straight being 10% of the population; this, in turn leads to a world that has the expected norm of male-male and female-female though much of their history but much of it is changed to ensure the species survive, just that strictly male-female relationships are not the norm on this planet.

Delta Zol Earth (Found in: First War, 2012)- a universe that's connected to Alpha Zol Universe, its' a universe in which gender roles are flipped with the sexism also flipped where women are the dominate gender in society and men are/were regulated to staying at home and raising the kids, however, much of history is relatively unchanged, just with the genders of historically figured changed (along with their names), the names of certain terms and governments (Queendoms instead of Kingdoms for instance), and the historical instance of violence between the sexes being female on male rather than male on female (like War rape being directed at men by female soldiers for example).

Communist World (Kumm'ulnul), found in: (First Aftermath, 2383)- a universe in which the United States was the one who fell, however, the Cold War goes on between the Soviet Union and the new communist U.S over who would dominate the world.

American Federation (Molu'zuul), found in: (First Aftermath, 2407)- a universe on which the United States absorbed its allies at the end of the Cold War and creates the American Federation

Shattered Russia (Sul'lus), found in: (First Aftermath, 2412)- a universe in which Russia dissolved into numerous states in 1992 and breaks out into a gruesome Second Russian Civil War

Australian Superpower (Aol'loak), found in: (First Aftermath, 2413)- a universe in which Australia became the global superpower after the United States and the Soviet Union collapsed at the end of the Cold War

Canadian Superpower (Col'loak), found in: (First Aftermath, 2413)- same as Australia but with Canada, it also absorbs parts of the former U.S as well

Republican Europe (Euri'kiu), found in: (First Aftermath, 2420)- a universe in which the United States funds Republican revolutions across Europe and is successful, the U.S also annexed all of the Americas plus Greenland and Iceland

United Empires of America (Li'lui), found in: (First Aftermath, 2420)- a universe in which the United States reorganizes as the United Empires, a nation where people are elected as Emperor (usually for life) or Primarch (four terms) of the UE

United Districts of America (Ku'mer), found in: (First Aftermath, 2420)- a world in which the United States reorganizes itself as the United Districts following an apocalyptic event, based on a combination of hunger games, fallout, metro 2033 and divergent

Future Past (Voil'liuzz), found in: (First Aftermath, 2420)- a universe in which the United States of 22nd century is sent to 15 thousand BCE along with the colonies of humanity (Sol Systems and Terra Nova) 

A Shattered Galaxy (Nuih'kiiool), (found in: First Aftermath 2419)- a universe in which humanity has colonized and dominated the Milky Way Galaxy for tens of thousands of years and was once unified under a common banner that ruled the galaxy for over six thousand years but due to a combination of repeated inbreeding and social and economic factors lead to its' collapse once the Imperial family died out entirely, shattering the Empire into tens of thousands of warring factions over the remains of the resources and technology once held by the massive empire. But five thousand years had passed since then and now 36 states now dominate the galaxy with a handful of states out to reunite the galaxy once more. 

Broken Colonies (Yu'linzik) (First War, 1499)- a universe in which humanity is divided between Earth and it's former colonies, with said colonies in the brink of civil war

Shared World (Alpha Vu'ruu) (First War, 1459)- a universe in which humanity and vampires (called Vampilria) shares the planet

Beta Vu'ruu (First War, 1459)- same with Alpha but with Elves

Gamma Vu'ruu (First War, 1459)- same with Alpha but with Angles (called Andial) and Demons (called Dalin)

Earth annexed (Kom'rul) (First Aftermath, 2391)- a universe in which Earth was annexed by a Federation of Species (Galactic Union) in the mid 1800s 

Christian Republics of America (Ciu'ril) (First Aftermath, 2381)- a universe in which America underwent a revolution in which it was replaced by a Christian Theocracy in the mid 1990s but lasted only for a short time.

Second America Civil War (Nol'rak) (First Aftermath, 2383)- a universe in which American dissolved into Civil War in the mid-2000s 

Underground Humanity (Uilra'ronmil) (First Aftermath, 2386)- was forced underground due to the Earth's sun striping the planet of its atmosphere in the 2040s

Exodus Humanity (Eilra'tonmil) (First Aftermath, 2386)- a universe in which Humanity was forced to leave Earth due to it slowly breaking apart in the late 22nd century humanity effectively become a mirgent species

Save Humanity (Silra'tonmil) (First Aftermath, 2386)- a universe in which humanity was saved by an elf-like species in the late 23rd century after the moons unexpected slow decline towards Earth, but, they only allow Humanity's greatest minds and their children to come, leaving the rest to fact a coming death on the planet

Moons of Uranus (Wi'ikkji) (First Aftermath, 2379)- a universe in which the sol system have gas giants near the sun and the terrestrial planets being moons of Uranus

The Three Moons of Earth (Lei'uuji) (First Aftermath, 2379)- a universe in which Earth has three moons

The Americas United (Uii'uujis) (First Aftermath, 2378)- a universe in which the United States's revolution ended with it gaining all of British North America and eventually gaining more territories in the early 1800s

Decades Long World War (Eaeo'kulnil) (First Aftermath, 2398)- partly inspired by a Hearts of Iron 4 session, this universe's earth has been in a decades long world war between the Allies (lead by the United States) and the Axis (lead by Nazi Germany, now the only nation as it has annexed the other members) with the war now largely being fought in the seas as the Axis (read: Nazis) having conquered the Eastern Hemisphere since the 1950s and been in this state for decades now, and making matters worse both states makes casual use of nuclear weapons, with predictable results that the Alliance are surprised to see it still habitable by its' year 1981.

Second Jedi Civil War/Jedi Empire (Gilo) (First Aftermath, 2388)- largely inspired by this "what-if" video ( of Anakin Skywalker not turning to the dark side but still cause all manner of problems for the Star Wars galaxy via establishing a Jedi-lead empire and would effectively spark a Jedi Civil War between Anakin's Jedi Order and the traditional Jedi Order. Said Jedi Empire is effectively a authoritarian regime causes far more problems then it solves, and Anakin's "Order above all else" philosophy ultimately leads to a far more chaos then he planned, with a three way war between the Jedi Empire, a Democratic resistance, and a reborn Sith Order and their influenced groups.

Proposed Universes[]

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