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for all who wise to expand these universes, here are some basic notes and ideas behind it.

Fol, 1915

Both Allied-Alligence Nations and Axis-alligence nations are forced to recuit both genders due to heavy loses in the first weeks of First War on their world

The Alliance and Axis hep mordernize their new membersstates on Fol Earth

World War I or the Great War is later known as the Fol Earth Unification War The War on Fol Earth lasted from 1614 to 2014 after the Axis and Coaliton forces are forced off world and ends in Allied victory but with the planet devested and ruined

The surviving Allied memberstates formed a new government to help rebuild Fol Earth, it's called the Union of Federated Earth States

Dol, 1948

Dol Earth remained neutral once discrovedit took it's time to modernize after being discroved broke out into war in 30 years after it's discrovery, this lasted for 600 years and ended in nuclear exchange

Built colonies during the war

Zol, 2011

Same as Dol, remains neutral in the war, but did allow the three factions to establish bases on Zole Earth

Planet unites under a common banner under the Union of Earth, but not everyone agreed on it's government and had a brutal civil war/unification war because of it

establish colonies and mordernizes

Sol, 1862

the United States joins the Alliance while the Confederate States joins the Axis, making the American Civil War much, much, much worse

the Great Powers on Sol Earth are split between Pro-Union (ex. France and Russia) and Pro-Confederate (ex. Britain and Spain) after the planet is discroved and the Allies and Axis intervienes in the American Civil War, it only dissolved into a global-spanding war

Sol Earth is reduced to ruins after the war

Sol Earth, during the war, modernized to keep up with the Allies and Axis

for the first fifty years after the war, the planet was placed under martial law

Sol Earth is then unified under the Federal Commonweatlh of Earth

Xol, 1866

The planet remained neutral once discroved

but after five years, the planet joins the Alliance

it had a massive Pro-Axis revolution that ended in Alliance victory

Vol, 1777

the planet became split between Alliance and Axisthe Alliance supports the American Revolutionaries while the Axis supports the British Empire

the planet became mordernized by the Alliance and Axis

the axis is pushed off at the end of the war

the United Terran Republics is then established

Aol, 642

once discroved, the Alliance annexed the planet

they then mordernized it

Bol, 372

same as Aol

Col, 1609

same as Aol

Eol, 10,000 BCE

same as Aol

Nol, 1000 BCE

same as Aol

Gol, 3970 BCE

same as Aol

Hol, 3640 BCE

discroved by the Axis and conquered

turned the planet into a military base

Iol, 1756

the planet is discroved by the Alliance

the French and Indian War was cut short

Planet is annexed by the Alliancethe planet is mordernized their after

Jol, 1809

The Axis and Alliance discroved the universe

the Axis gives support to Napolean and his allies, Alliance support all who opposes

this causes the wars to become even more horrific

Kol, 1120

the Alliance discroved this universe

after much debt in the Council, the Alliance desceeded to invade the planet

after their victory, the Alliance helps mordernize the planet and established a unified government, the Federal Kingdom of Earth

Lol, 409 BCE

after the Alliance discroved this universe, it sent out to find memberstatesthe Roman Republic joined the Alliance (along with a handful of others)

the Roman Republic, with help from the Alliance, mordernize it's infrustructor and societyit also started passing many reforms that angres the wealthy Roman nobality (namely, universal voting rights for all, women becoming equals and outlaw of slavery)

Because of these reforms, the wealthy Roman nobelity revilted, but, it ended quickly due to the fact that the Roman Republic's morernized military and nobelmen's private armies still using swords and shields, needless to say, it's quick bloody

same althoughtout Allied memberstates on Lol Earth

non-allied membersstates are quickly shallowed up by the allied memberstates and mordernized 

Ool, 127

same with Lol but with the Axis

the Roman Empire joins the Axis and becames more fascist-like in nature

the Roman Empire with Axis assesstance, slowly conquers Ool Earth

Mol, 1492

Alliance discroved Mol Earth at the same time Christopher Columbus discroved America

Alliance annexes Mol Earth and quickly mordernizing itonce Mol Earth is mordernized, the Alliance establish the Gaian Republic to govern Mol Earth

Qol, 1955

wartorn and devestied 

ruled almost entirely by theocracies

increadibly sexist and racist

Rol, 3000

mixed with original ideas and showies, books and games based around that century

Earth and the solar system is unified

the Sol System is a part of a UN like organization

Tol, 2548

fifth world war starts in the 26th century and ends in the 29th century

three way war

lasts for over three centuries

Uol, 3200s

third interplanetary war starts in the 33rd century

ends in the 43rd century

multi-factioned war overall