Recently some of our members have been updating the categories for our factions which I appreciated. However, there are factions in which it's difficult to define as being two certain ideological and political states, those being the Fascist State and the Communist State.

What do I mean by this? Well, the Empire of the Combine Race, it has characteristics of both Fascist and Communist states, as in, like Fascist states, it has extreme nationalism, militarism, totalitarianism and extreme Speciesism but at the same time it's like communist states with it's near total control of its economy, adherence to almost total social equality and the total lack of any sort of currency whatsoever. So, my fellow members, you see the problem here? how do you classify the ECR? Is it Fascist? or is it Communist? or Both? 

I would love to see what our members think we could classify it as

with regards 

           The Fare Doctor

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