This is the timeline for the Malica Universe (Kingdom Hearts)

1260-Terra, Aqua and Ventus time (Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep)

1270- Sora's first adventure (Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts, Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days)

1271- Sora's second adventure (Kingdom Hearts II, Re:Coded and 3DS)

1272- Sora's third adventure (Kingdom Hearts III), Search for Sora Begins. 

1274- Sora is finally found and reunited with his friends, however, he along with Kairi, Riku, Terra, Aqua, Lea, Ventus, Roxas, Namine, Xion, and Isa are captured by the Combine Forces (due to Old Grey's Manipulations). Xemnas, Ansem and Xehanort, are resurrected via cloning by Combine researchers and placed in status until 1690)

1285- Worlds reconnected, First Cold War begins

1339- First Cold War ends; Worlds War begins

1345- Worlds War ends, formation of the United Republics of Worlds and the Empire of the Heartless

1346- Second Cold War between Empire and United Republics begins 

1377- Second Cold War ends; the Malican War begins

1408- events of 'Stories of the Malican War' occurs

1426- Axis discovers the Malica Universe, invades the United Republics, invites the Empire to join them

1427- Alliance invites the United Republics to join them

1492- Frontlines established, war become more brutal

1549- Frontlines broken, Axis and Empire forces pushes though

1553- advances slowed down to a crawl

1599- Battle of Notre Dame (Malica) begins

1627- Battle of Notre Dame ends, world reduced to ruins

1663- Axis and Empire forces nears Radiant Garden, the Capital of the United Republics, Disney City, Wonderland , Castel of Dreams, China, Olympus Coliseum and Beasts' Castle are left alone

1672- Axis and Empire forces bombs Traverse City to a pile of irradiated ruins

1677- Battle of Radiant Garden begins

1681- Axis and Empire forces start bombing Twilight City, the Bombing of Twilight City begins

1683- Axis bombards Colomar for two years

1685- Axis stops bombardments, leaves it alone for four years

1689- Axis labs 265 releases the Black Rage virus on the planet's two major continents, Taz and Laz

1690- Labs 265 released failed specimens on the continent Zaz, the last continent, Xaz, mysteriously loses contact; Master Xehanort, Ansem, and Xemnas are released and quickly sides with the Axis via allying themselves with the Empire of the Heartless

1691 to 1702- Labs 265 studies effects of the Black Rage Virus; Sora, Riku, Kairi, Terra, Aqua, Ventus, Lea, Isa, Xion, Namine, and Roxas are relocated to the Axis Lavs station in orbit above Colomar (AL 265 Station Black Heaven)

1702- Sora, Riku, Kairi, Terra, Aqua, Ventus, Lea, Isa, Xion, Namine, and Roxas awakes....

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