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User talk:The Fare Doctor

just to let you know, portal and half-life share the same universe, the same goes for a few other universes as well, at least the ones you mentioned

also, look at my page and Skyrish19's pages and check them for the Universes I consider adding sections and see if they're in your considered page

also, for me Civilization is spelled like this and Defense is spelled like this, not Civilisation and Defence, at least, that's what the spell check says

that's mostly to due to the fact that I'm in America and you're in a former British colony, hence why our spelling is different

same, for me it's Civlizations and Defense.... basically it's American spelling vs British spelling

In advance, please ask us (either me or Skyrish19) if we already added a universe/series you're about to add just in case we already have them added

hey, due to spelling issues between us (IE the whole American spelling vs British spelling thing) can you just ignore spelling issues on either my or skyrish19 pages when you edit them ok?

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