Uwlla Iillor was one of the few female Human officers in the Axis Navy. She served as captain of the Black Asp, an Interdictor cruiser. Eventually, she defected to the Alliance along with her ship, which was renamed Corusca Rainbow, and participated in the liberation of Coruscant. Through her forceful personality, Uwlla was able to rise through the ranks in the pre-Endor Axis, despite an Imperial bigotry against aliens, females and other designated non-humans.

Uwlla also displayed exceptional resourcefulness and a tendency to think outside the box, such as her tactic of flying the Asp to the fringe of a system, then traveling through hyperspace to another point in that same system in order to surprise her target. While this technique of intra-system jumping was an unusual tactic for the Empire, she put it to use after witnessing its successful use in the Unknown Regions.

While some of her superiors remained biased against her due to her gender, she earned the respect of others, including Imperial Intelligence Agent Kirtan Loor, due to her personality and abilities.

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Following the Great Battle of Endor and Day the Multiverse Burned, Uwlla filed a protest over the transfer of her flight operations officer from her command, which was ignored by Axis command. This, along with interference by Axis Intelligence with her command, was enough to prompt Uwlla and her staff to defect to the AON.

Uwlla brought with her the Black Asp, which was renamed the Corusca Rainbow, a name that was considered a positive omen by New Republic and Provisional Council officials. The defection gave the Alliance of Nations Joint Navy its first Interdictor cruiser.

Despite her Imperial background, Uwlla won the trust of Admiral Adama and Vivienne. She was cleared by General Airen Cracken and his people worked with her staff to establish an operational Alliance crew, including the Mon Calamari First Officer Lieutenant Jhemiti.

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