The V-13 Battleship was a large battleship used by the Coalition of Independent States for fleet engagements during the War. The V-13 Battleship was equipped with both directed energy weapons and torpedos in its arsenal. The forward torpedo launcher was the primary utilized in a majority of engagements with the Alliance during the Chaos War. This torpedo launcher was capable of firing multiple bursts in a single volley.

History and Features Edit

These Dominion heavy cruisers were introduced during the conflict with the Federation to combat Starfleets use of efficient battle designs such as the Achilles class warships. The V-13 Battleship is as heavily armed as the Cardassian Galor class and possessed better shielding then the Jem'hadar strike cruiser class warships. These cruisers were designed to destroy any opposition that it could find but still be capable of retreating at a faster pace should it face a better armed enemy. They were also the largest Dominion ship that could be repaired outside friendly territory allowing the Jem'hadar to take and hold positions more effectively without returning to their bases. Typically, they were escorted by Jem'hadar fighters in battle making their combined use an effective tactic against their enemies. The V-13 Battleships were armed with 5 torpedoes, 4 phased polaron beams and 3 large polaron beams.

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