The V-wing airspeeder was a combat airspeeder developed by the New Republic to replace aging cloud cars and allow more expensive starfighters to focus on space combat. The Verpine Slayn & Korpil hive colonies, famous for their development of the B-wing starfighter, designed the V-wing airspeeder. The airspeeder's standard repulsorlift system was paired with efficient ion afterburners to provide the V-wing with fantastic speed. This should not confused with Alpha-3 Nimbus-class V-wing starfighter

A combat Airspeeder designed by Slayn & Korpil, the V-Wing was developed to allow the Allied’s more expensive starfighters to focus on space combat while still retaining the necessary planetary defence forces. First introduced after the Young Campaign, the V-Wing’s fantastic speed and high flight ceiling allowed for rapid deployment, although its low cost and low maintenance requirements came at the expense of defensive shielding.

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