The V4 Rocket Launcher, also called the V4 is a powerful long range artillery used by the Axis during the War. As with its predecessors, the V4 is lightly armored, slow to fire, and has a minimum attack range, making it useless as a frontline unit. Additionally, it's missiles lack the ability to strike air units. But nevertheless; it's devastating range, as well as the warhead/s itself make up for this. The biggest improvement that the V4 has over its predecessor is both the flight mechanism and the speed of the rocket, making a V4's attack uninterceptible. Additionally, the warheads can be set/switched to either cause immense damage to a concentrated area via its V4 Precision Warhead, OR to split apart during reentry in order to blanket an area with explosives via its V4 Multi- Warhead special ability.

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