Valia, City World

Valia, the homeworld of both Humanity and Kilominitic, The planet is located the in fifth orbit around it's Star, the planet is unqiue in that it does not have an axis, thus, it does not rotate when traveling around it's star, making life difficult for the planet native inhabities.

Name and etymologyEdit

The Planet had gain many names over the course of it's history, but, the main name, Valia is an old name that in is translated as "Death and Rebirth" which is fitting giving the planet's lack of an axis.  

both Conlikial and Si'ooik means "Conflicted Peace" for both the Kilominitics and Humans

The Prothean name for the planet is Wiokol which means "Cruel Planet"

The Forerunner name for the planet is Oioki which means "Divided Planet"

The Ottsel name for the planet is Kiiool which means "Imperialistic Republic" 

The Edanian name for the planet is Aetensai, which means "Burdened Land".



Geological historyEdit

Evolution of lifeEdit


Planet Natural SatellitesEdit

the Planet have over five different moons that rotate around the planet 

1. Ci'looi

2. Liiokkia

3. Xioninus

4. Ziz'ssi

5. Fopikkia

Cultural and Historical infomationEdit

Tribal EraEdit

Civilization EraEdit

Interplanetary EraEdit

Intergalactic EraEdit

Republican EraEdit

Imperial EraEdit

The Great Dark Age EraEdit

Unity EraEdit

Federation EraEdit

Photos of the PlanetEdit

Cities of the future by jonasdero-d5jkvqs

Surface of Valia before the Invasion

Cardassia in ruins

Valia, during the Invasion

Land Planet

ancient Valia


City Night

Valia, rebuilt during the Multiversal Federation

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