The Valkyrur, or refereed to by the Second Human Empire as "Hamo Sinih'jihi Kil'oimit" and the Kilominitics as "Humkinolo" were a species of warriors who came from somewhere north of Europa on Vi'iikiye Earth, although, in truth, their true origins are still unknown, but, it most likely came from a part of Valia or a number of formerly joint Human-Kilomintic Colonies during the Age of Ancients. Even though the Valkyrur as a species have long since disappeared, they are still worshiped by some religions, the largest of which is the Yggdist sect. However, it should be noted that the Valkyrurs are one of the many Human-Kilominitic Sub-species that still populated large potions of Ancient Human Space.

Biology and Appearance Edit

The Valkyrur are near-humans with two arms and two legs, hair and other physical characteristics similar to those of their Pure Human counterparts. For the most part, the Valkyrurs physical characters are their white to silver hair, blue to red eyes and their front row teeth being pointed and razor sharp, gaining this characteristic from their Kilomintic half.

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