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Valyska Hilzannith
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Date of birth:

786 B.N.E.

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3.1 m (10'2 ft)

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  • Officer (Rebel Alliance)
  • Empress



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  • Soran Hilzannith



“For countless eons, my people have been guided by the urge for the hunt, it was because of that we became this far... and it was this instinct that allowed the Cruel Lord to manipulated us into eons worth of conflict that almost resulted in our species destruction and extinction. I want to lead my people, even a fraction of it, into a new path without wars and conflicts and the joining the Alliance is only the beginning.”

Valyska Hilzannith Is a female Kilominitic who is a royal member of the Hizannith family, known for her strong beliefs against the old ways of her ancestors when they founded the Empire of the Combine Race and the Axis of Empires for their desire for power and control over the majority of various civilizations, and of her immense hatred towards the Emperor Yiloala Kutarukia whom she (correctly) blames for the descent into that state, she was among many who revolted against them during its down fall and eventually started her part to gain a political position to help the remaining people and the TransRace species and formerly contoured members for a better life in the new Empire of Combined Races for its support of the Alliance of Nations. Due to her popularity among the majority of the commons and royals, she won the election of Empress of the Empire in 2453 N.E., using the position of power to defend her people against the factions Combine Remnants and other former Axis members.


Early Life[]

Valyska was the third and youngest daughter among her older siblings to be born in 786 B.N.E. and was raised by her parents the colony world Trulann, under control of the Combine Empire, she grew up in a strong family who managed to help keep the colony stable for all those who needed work, but over the years growing demands from the Combine were too much and by the year 801 B.N.E., colonists began a riot when the recent governor supported the emperor than the colonists while her parents were more popular to take over. Her sister, Alisii who was a member of the rebels was captured and her mind probed by the imperials to know the secret plot, causing the deaths of both her parents and her sister. Feared for the same to her brother, Keinoth and tried to find him. Only to learn that he fled and was the one who gave out the information of the coup, believed their family be spared but was lied to and killed by the officers. IT was all because of their genetic traits not entirely 'pure' enough to be true Kilominitic

This incident and the murder of her family had driven Valyska to the realisation of the corruption of the Empire who were truly were monsters, joined the resistance cells and lend a support to bring down the Empire, or least slow down its growth enough to gain an advantage to bring them down in the future. Taking a few several assignments to raise Combine ships and bases to steal their resources, equipment, and slaves, even TransRace slaves when she believes they could be saved despite some objections of saving so many.

First Multiverse War[]

K'trerl, a former Caitian slave from the Nuyi’zu verse

Valyska received word that the worst case scenario came to realty and to all as of the year 1344 N.E., the year the First Multiverse War Making herself infamous to the Combine when she boldly attacked a fleet of her rebels, spreading word to her superiors of the Combien making a surprising move to form an alliance with other factions as it was unheard of, but fear the Emperor was plotting something. In the year 1415 N.E., Valyska received orders to join her forces with the rebels to the Nuyi’zu Universe to launch a strike force and stage an uprising in the new member of the Axis, the Terran Empire. Only then when she attacked one of the contoured worlds she discovered that prior it the war, one of the Terran Ships had an encounter with their alternate counterparts and grown concern of how far this could go and when she liberated the Caitian slaves, one of them named K'trerl, a former Terran officer who caused the riot on his ship, offered his services to join them to liberate the Caitian people, Valyska accepted and allowed those to join for the fight

Valyska was among the rebel factions who volunteered to infiltrate the Rebel Alliance in the Viau Skyriver Galaxy under Combine tyranny to provide information and give the Rebellion an advantage against the enemy. Carried out her role for months until she gained the suspicion of Luke Skywalker who sensed something about her, believed she would be suspected of an imperial agent but decided to come forward to them after she spoken to Luke and the princess Leia Organa when they learned she isn’t human and not a loyal follower of the Combine Empire either, revealing to them that there are many rebel cells in the Combine who don’t agree with their ways and the treatment of the enslaved TransRace and how they formed the Axis of Empires to exploit their power.

Spoken to her superiors of the news about the Rebels and the Alliance after she revealed to them of the Combine’s super weapon that could strip a planet’s atmosphere, she witnessed in horror of the planet her fellow rebels who took a footage of it on Azeroth in its final moment before their death and unable to believe they would go this far to win.

Battle of Endor[]

Valyska participated in the Battle of Endor to make the final stand against both they pure emperor and Emperor Palpatine under the orders of Jonathan J. O'Neill and Admiral Gial Ackbar while Luke’s forces were on the surface of the first moon to shut down the shield generator. Upon her battle met an enhanced human named Ragnar Karrson, unlike many who stood tall as her and revealed to have been a supersoldier from the Pol Universe, the two were partnered up to set up detonators on the shield generators to assist Han Solo while he 'recruited' the Ewoks to help against the Imperial soldiers.

After the victory against the Empire, she was among many to celebrate their victory of liberating the Skyriver galaxy from the Combine Empire.

Axis Civil War[]

With news of the Axis in a state of collapse as the Combine reaches their collapse, she saw this as a chance to liberate the enslaved species to regain their freedom.

During the Civil War, she eventually married Ragnar while stating it was not a political move to strengthen the bond with the Alliance but truly loved him and supported the efforts.

Valyska received word of the Alliance’s sudden decision to join forces with the Coalition while the Axis was heavily fractured and the Combine Empire was splintered, she could not believe this but proven true. She was further shocked to discover they somehow found the ancient home planet of her people, Valia, but grew pale of the word of a purge of all Combine in their path. Knowing full well that this will drive her people to resent the Alliance if they chose to carry out the order, even if it was in the hands of the Combine but not all deserved the same fate as the emperor. She fought hard against the Combine and while they pleaded to the people to side with them, she discovered the Imperium of Man led by the God-Emperor and feared they would go too far. Many Kilominitic forces who sided against the Combine and rebels would not be spared by their crusade, some fought hard against their Space Marines and imperial Guard to protect the rebel Combine forces under the surprising leadership of Vimble Kutarukia, the first Emperor of the newly formed Empire of Combined Races to intervene to save some of their people.

The dreaded news came of the Purge, her fears came true when news spread of Valia devastated possibly by the Combine Emperor himself for his arragonce, or led an attack on the Imperium’s legions for murdering not just soldiers but women and children, she was present when both emperors met and signed a non-aggression pact to prevent further conflict and brought justice to their officers who went too far for their overzealous nature, but will not forget this atrocity their people committed.

Empress of the Empire[]

Valyska gained popularity among the populous due to her veteran status against the Combine Empire which would later earn her the seat of the throne as Empress began her role to continue her successor’s work to maintain good relations with the some of the Alliance members and their allies during the dark times against Combine and Imperial Remnants in the years of the Remnant Wars, focusing the first few years of supporting the resources to defend their borders against the enemies of the Empire and scientific research in ancient technologies from ancient civilisations. Making her efforts to build a friendly relations with the Ascendancy with the previous conflicts with them for the cause of the Multiverse War centuries ago.

In 2457 N.E., 3 years after she took the throne, news spread of the Coalition of Independent States declaring an all out war with the Alliance of Nations and ordered her forces to be prepare for any signs of the Coalition that dare enter their terrtories and protected states in the Chaos Wars, for the moment her people had not been called to war yet with the senate discussing of what was happening and if possible the Combine Remnants could take advantage.

End of Leadership[]

After serving as empress to the Empire, she stepped down after completing her Imperial term and succeeded by Kilmoraker Niluuk while she made a public congratulations to him, she has heard of his reputation of his paranoia, hoping it doesn’t make him to do anything that could damage the empire.


Valyska in her youth as a reader

Valyska shows a strong will and understanding of the history her people have made and the majority being the atrocities and conflicts they done, growing up in a time when the Cimbine made a pact with the Chimera knew the sign of corruption by the Combine Empire’s long history before the Multiverse Wars. Held back in fear of her family and loved ones threatened until she took the opportunity to join a revolt against them during the mid-Multiverse war after they betrayed the Axis. Following her experiences as a veteran, Valyska fought for equality among different species and sided with the Empire of Combined Races to stand against the corrupted factions. Once taken the role as empress, she chose to listen to members of the royal court and her allies for their opinions to make the empire prosperous and strong for the citizens, sharing her predecessor’s goal to bring the TransRace to give them a supporting chance when many were created against their will under enslavement. Shown to appreciate art and literate while also willing to spend time with her family than just perform her imperial duties.

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