Venegula from orbit, with one of its moon, Aryla

Venegula, nicknamed the Twin Sun and Moons World, once called World #771 by the Axis, Lambda #501 by the Allies and Zikiulik by the Combines, was a world discovered by the Alliance and Axis in 1529. At, first, the two factions engaged in a brutal space battle over the planet, but, after a stalemate between the two, the Alliance and Axis decided to turn the system into a neutrality zone. In 1559, independent colonist arrive and pertation the Allied and Axis Council to allow them to colonize the planet, after months of debate, the Allied and Axis Council allowed the colonized the planet which they then named Venegula. In 1571, the colonist discovered an unknown element that had the ability to increase a star's age, effectively making it a element useful for making supernova bombs, it earns the name Aslum. In 1573, the colonist begin trading with the Alliance and Axis for various items (food, ammunition, weapons, water, terraforming, technologies) with Aslum. In 1579, the colony numbers a billion inhabitants, the population then establish the Republic of Venegula. In 2404, the planet under went a gruesome civil war that ended in 2414 with the establishment of the Democratic Federation Venegula, a Loyalist Government

History Edit

Ecology Edit

List of Cities Edit

  • The City of Depisburg
  • The City of Seka
  • The Town of Kleim
  • The Town of Volomery
  • The Town of Ipraowral
  • The Town of Brohard
  • The Town of Lence
  • The Town of Rario

List of Sentiment Species Edit

  • Humans
  • Turian
  • Quarian
  • Exo
  • Night Elf
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