Ventus Tormentum, Born March 9th, 1245, was a keybearer whoms adventures became legendry within the Malica Universe, he alson with his friends, comrades and former enemies reappeared in 1702 during the Colomar Outbreak, though evidence points to the Combine's Manipulations. He was killed afterway though the Third Multiverse War by Lord Aeon Thanatos. But he was reborn through Project Malica Heroes Rebirth in Kamino



Pre-Colomar OutbreakEdit

Ventus is the youngest of the three Keyblade warriors (the other being Aqua and Terra). Personality-wise, he has many similarities with Sora; he's sweet, cheerful, curious, and gets excited at anything new or interesting, but he feels disappointed whenever Aqua and Terra refuse to allow him to join them on their missions because they do not want to put him in "harm's way." When he gives them their passes to Disney Town, he grudgingly mentions that Scrooge McDuck told him to "take two grown-ups," but he doesn't seem to dislike his status as the youngest of the three.

He also makes new friends easily in different worlds and really cares about his best friends Terra and Aqua, viewing Terra as an older brother. Ventus is very much unable to cope with Terra turning and subsiding to the darkness in his heart. Some of his traits and personality might have passed on to Sora when his heart joined him. Along with his kind personality, he also shows a lot of bravery, especially evident when he battles Vanitas for the final time, where he promises to fight for his friends no matter what, knowing the fact that he would lose his heart as a result.

Post-Colomar OutbreakEdit


Family and RelativesEdit

Vanitas- "Brother" (born from the Darker parts of his personality)

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