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The Veqea'dale Universes were a series of universes discovered in the year 2389 NE by a Alliance of Nations expeditionary force, finding this collection of universes have had their own experience of travelling to parallel worlds and clash between universes. What makes this multiverse unique were it is actually made up of the embodiments of Abstract Entities.


Governments and Factions

Known Races

Known Universes

  • Earth-616
  • Earth-1616
  • Earth


  • Asgard
  • Astral Realm
  • Negative Zone
  • Battleworld
  • Library of Worlds
  • Quantum Realm
  • Mandelibus Dimension
  • Realm of Death
  • K’un-Lun Dimension
  • Hell
  • Heven


  • Among the main setting of the marvel comics is Earth-616
  • Information about the Marvel multiverses is based on the cosmic beings form the comic sources.