Vereesa Windrunner is an elven ranger who fought throughout the First, Second and Third Multiverse War. She is the youngest sister of Alleria and Sylvanas, widow of Rhonin Redhair, and mother of Giramar and Galadin. Nearly all of Vereesa's extended family were killed by the Imperial Troops and the Axis annexation of Quel'Thalas in the Azeroth Campaign. Both of her sisters can be considered "alive" because Sylvanas still lives, albeit not technically "among the living", and Alleria Windrunner is still alive after she was critically injured in the Battle of Aleria.

Vereesa leads the Allied High Elven Joint Defense Force's Miria Company, a militant core of high elves that rejected the admission of blood elves, separatist elves and the facist elves; and have took it upon themselves to serve as a military deterrent for any potential Horde uprising. She styles herself as the "Ranger General of the Alliance Joint Military".

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